Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I screwed up.....only a wee bit though ;)

Ok...just for the record....I must 'out' myself.

I spoiled my Mom's ballot! I've never screwed up a ballot...ever! But I connected a 'yes and no' on the same issue and the machine went off and everyone...litterally, everyone, turned and stared at me! Geesh..........
I had to sign in to be an 'aide' to my folks. Never done that before. Interesting. Dad insisted on marking his all by himself. Yep...he did it. He was so proud of himself. :) No screw up for him....the blind guy did better than his 'seeingeyedbeckandcallgirl'. G figure.
I was given another ballot for Mom and did it correctly the second time....crouching on the floor is NOT a good stance to be in while voting. They took us to the side where the parentals could sit...only 2 chairs there so I crouched. Hummm......

They only had a 25 minute wait which we were happy for. We went about11:00 and they were about the 500th voters. Great turnout.
Of course, Oklahoma is a RED McCain took us......but I'm very pleased with the outcome. It'll be interesting to hear what the Dad 'loops' today. He's certian that 'Obonga" won't do well b/c of his lack of experience....yada,yada,yada..........I'll be trying to change the subject all day I'm sure. It wears me out sometimes. Seriously.
Gotta love 'em though. No apathy there. :)

I was 12 again yesterday. I don't like it when that happens. The Mom gets all controlling at times. I understand it, but I don't like it. She feels very secure when she knows I'm in the same room as her. I need to tell her when I'm going to the bathroom now. Seriously. I was in the 'necessary room' , upstairs,when I heard her holler, "TT, are you up there?" I said yes. " what are you doing?"...I told her I was going 'pottie'.... can you believe this conversation is going on?? WTF "OH", she said, "I didn't know where you were. "

Like I've said life is full. Sometimes, the fun never ends. lol
I'm blessed, this I know.....but sometimes...................................ugh.

Happy Humpie day. Should be interesting.....the sun is out with a storm coming in. My kind of day.
I hope I see a rainbow..........they make me smile.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

TT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the absolute best daughter.

Farmer*swife said...

I hope it's a Purple rainbow cuz' I'm all about Purple today!

Oh, and I'm 36 (I lie in those forms to fill out so someone doesn't cyber steal my identity) and I have to answer at least three times a day, "I'm going PAAAAA-TEEEEE!"

Not to be confused with, "I'm going to PAR-TEEEE."

Happy Day and all that!

Jay said...

At least you get the chance to fill out a new ballot and make sure her vote counted. If you had messed up an absentee ballot it would just have been tossed.

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome daughter. I give you credit!

You do more than I could. :) I'm sure you'll be rewarded somehow someday. :)

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

You messed up your Mom's ballot... My Mom intentionally canceled Dad's ballot... I switched parties on my ballot... what an exciting day!!

Dianne said...

you are a rainbow!!

Anonymous said...

TT I saw a rainbow on my way home from town today... I love rainbows...

and you are so sweet... I'm a beckncallgirl to Cletus since he got sick..and I'm not nearly that sweet..

I went to town and voted against his guy,, just cause he was being a wad..

isn't it sad when the deciding factor in your vote for president.. is the mood of your spouse...oh..and wine...don't forget the wine..

HAve I ever told you how special I think you are? You are a complete package..

Ginni said...

You're a good daughter, fer sure!

I had to laugh at your word "loop". My dad has Alzheimer's and looping is the perfect word for what he does too. He repeats things, ad infinitum and it takes Xtreme patience to deal with him. It gets tough to ACT like it's the first time you've heard him say something, even tho it's been more like a bazillion times!

Are you the only child who helps with your parents? I have 4 siblings and we all help...that waters it down for all of us so it's not too bad.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I love your Dad's and Mom's terms! They crack me up!

You're blobbing about Obonga now! ;)

Happy Thursday!

Brad said...

Is Mom sitting down there with a clip board and a stop watch?

You are a good daughter.

tt said...

Gary!!!!!!!!! I try but I'm afraid I fall short of the mark somedays. :) thanks :) xo

FW: fav color is purple! We have an urchin your age...interesting. Paaa-tee is SOOOO different than par-tee...even though I have intertained the idea of having my own wee little Par-tee in the Paa-tee. xo

FF: You never know what you can do until you do it...right? And about that credit...I wish the local package store would give me

Jay: Oops!! I hadn't even thought about that...!! Lovee suggested that next time I do the absentee thing....I'd better think about it now. thanks xo

FT: you crack me up. Intentially?? lol

Queen: beckncall gals are special ya know...we hold all the our own minds anyway. lol
I never saw my rainbow...but I'm glad you did ;)
I'm a complete pkg???I know my pkg is pretty well packed!!! that count? xoxo

Ginni: yea....loop takes on a whole different meaning doesn't it?! I try and change my answers to see if I can get a different answer...sometimes yes..sometimes, no. :)
I have one sister....sisterlittle I Call her...She lives in Denver and is an 8th grade teacher so she only comes down here for a couple weeks in the summer. But that 2 weeks is a total life saver for me. Plus I talk to her almost everyday so that helps. I do so wish she were closer though...but, that's the breaks. :)
Good luck with your Dad...:) try different answers next time. xo

rll: I he got that I'll never know.:)
They 'crack' me too...just differently..ha

Brad: sometimes I think she's just getting very insecure I think...I'm her new blanket :)