Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have a favor of my blobbies. If it's not too much trouble..please go over to ETK's blog and read about Prop 8. It was on the California's ballots.
Such a great post.......
I urge everyone to read the letter she posted by Jennifer Donnelly in the Washington Post.
I have no words to express the effect it had on me.

It's just love..........what could possibly be wrong with love?
So touching.

Thanks ETK for posting it.


Ginni said...

Love should be looked at as matter what. The world needs more love. Not more propositions.

ETK said...

Ginni and you are so right. Love is beautiful no matter what.

Those people make me just so so so sad. :(

I love YOU though! LOVE you! Why don't you have time for me?? HUH? :)

Miss you bunches!