Monday, October 8, 2007

Before and After

Actually I did this wrong. ( go figure) This first picture is after we left the Fair. We spent about 5 hours there and were pooped! But, it really doesn't show that much...I don't think anyway.

This is the good one. It was when we first got there. We did look a wee bit on the 'fresh' side I think.
We had a blast as usual. I didn't get my Funnel cake though. {insert a big pout here} I saw something new, something called a 'fatball' and you could get chocolate or bavarian creme or peach or some other fruit fillings........inside it. Well, I'm a gonner for Bavarian creme so I dicided to try it. Sutpid move on my part. I understood the 'fat' part after one bite. It was simular to a creme filled donut but not nearly as good and way too greasy! Worse $ 4.00 I spent. I did get my beloved caramel apple though. Good lawdie I do love those things!
That's all I had. I was a good girl. :)
I did get my yard sticks. Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!! I got 3 of them. Bonus day for me. I have to admit, I have a thing for yard sticks. Not sure why. Maybe because they're free, plus I'm always using them which means I break them from time to time. I took three for a reason though. Last year they were out of them so I didn't get one.[insert another pout here] So when I saw the huge stack they had this year I literally skipped up to the counter with a big cheesie grin on my face! I took one for this year, one for last year and one for the pain and suffering from not being able to get one last year. LOL..........what a dork I am!
Anyway we enjoyed our time together and got caught up on the goings on of our families and such. Deb and I only get together a couple, maybe 3 times a year. Not sure why exactly. She's real busy with her job and new Grandson!! He's such a cutiepie!!!
Oh well, I guess it works out for the best.
It was actually an uneventful day but very enjoyable.
That's it.


Anonymous said...

yard sticks? When/how did I miss this one? Please explain.

tt said...

I inserted some more explanation...go back and read it again. LOL

Alli said...

Sounds like you had a smashing good time! :) I'm jealous. I miss those cute little fairs. We had them when I lived in NY & PA.

Tweb said...

You're so stinkin cute.

I've never met anyone with such a 'passion' for yard sticks. not sure I get that...

So for the picture though,if you wanted to change which one is on top, all you have to do is put your pointer on it, click on it and hold your clicker button down...annnddd drrraagggg it below the other picture.

Tis easy.