Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lightning and thunder and rain--OH MY!!!!

I love me some Oklahoma storms!!!
Lordie we had some today too. Watch out Tweb, they're headed your way!
The parents and I were watching a weather blurb on T.V. and they were talking about a wall cloud being about 3 miles from their house. Well, that's all it took to get me outside to look for it.
The wind started blowing harder and I could hear some whopper thunder and the lightning was freaking all over the place. Then, the sky got really dark and then I went...uh.....what-in-the-world-is-that???? SWHOOSHHHHHHHH ....big-o-fat sideways rain with pea size hail was all of a sudden all over us. It was a huge wall of water. I swear it was like watching a Tsunami come down the street!!! E-gads!! How flippin cool was that! It didn't last very long..maybe 15 minutes but it was fun. Well, fun is probably the wrong word. I like storms though. On a bad note, there was a house about 10 miles from my house that was struck by lightning and burned up; a spall plane clipped some power lines and crashed in flames and the humongus tent that houses the Beer Garden for Oktober Fest was blown down and hurt alot of ppl. That's the part I don't like of course. But it stirs everything up and breaks the monotony of it all.
Special ,AKA ,Sunshine called to see what was going on tonight with the weather because her power went off. That part sucks big time too. Neither one of us can sleep very well w/o a fan for noise.

Yesterday, Lovee heard that the coming storms may have some 'rotation' associated with it so we had to move fast and get the Gazebo canvas top down before it got dark. Good thing cuz I think it may have taken our deck!

Anyway. Lovee had me turn off the puter for a while. ( insert pout here )
He's sleeping and the storm's over so here I am. (snicker-snicker)
Mainly, trying to give ETK something to read.............'Hi-ya girlie'

So........the pills are kicking in now and the backspace key is becoming my off I go to join Lovee.

Lata Chica's


Tweb said...

I can't wait! I can't wait! I love me some storms!!!

Although, I have a sneaky suspicion they'll miss me all together. :(

ETK said...

And to think - I didn't even check a single blog today! Damn it! Yay storms!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Storms are okay except when you are driving through Kansas and the wind and hail hit so hard your car windows implode and you see your life in a flash.
I have a different "respect" for stormage. They kind of make me nauscous.
But then, the mother says we are different. And you know SHE's always right.

tt said...

Yea, except for that emploding part...storms are ok
she's always right? right you are...uhuh!!