Wednesday, July 9, 2008

more......but backwards...again.. :(

this was actually the morning we left ATL. Fipps insisted on looking out the window the whole way to WV!! Kids!

Fipps...again! He was pooped from all the sightseeing we did.

This is B.....Photographer extrordinaire!!! He' a good friend of ETK and I got to meet him. He's so sweet. We were at dinner at Amore Restaurant. Yumy again!! I think the main thing we did on this vacation was eat!!

The entry at The World of Coke. That was so cool! Seriously!! They have that new video I told you about. Fun!

We took MARTA to get to the world of coke. It's a subway type thingie and....ummmm....I'm not fond of ALL!!! The escalator was sooooo long! Lovee had to get me focused on something ( I can't remember what now..) so I wouldn't fall. I get what I call 'feet tingles' when I think i'm too high and might fall. UGH!

I thought this was funny. We had a family of cameras. Big to small.

And of's my Lovee! He was carrying ETK's camera and his too. Made him look professional don't cha know.
He's so cute!!!

Are you getting tired of the pics yet? Hope not.
The next bunch will be in West Virginia.

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