Thursday, July 24, 2008

procedure showed ...nothing!

So, the Dr. said he didn't see anything in moms belly that should make her nauseous or throw up. There were some lesions he biopsied but he's not expecting anything to show up. Next test will be of her esophagus. .. that means a barrium milkshake....ummm. BARF!!!^*&$@ gag-gasp^*&$#!!
Wanna know what i think?
i'll tell ya anyway......I'm no goes.

My Mom is on pain meds. Kadian 60 mg to be exact. 2x a day. ( plus Lortabs for the break through times)this is a Morphine drug. She's been on it for over a year. For the past month she's been complaining that her pain isn't being relieved like it used to. I mentioned to her that we'll be seeing the 'pain' Dr. and we'll see if he can adjust it to make it stronger. she agreed.

(******** it sounds like I'm writing out a police statement doesn't it??******** lol)

So we see the pain Dr. yesterday and he agrees, her body has gotten used to the dose so he's upping it 20 mg.. fine. I ask if her nauseous feeling and throwing up could be from her body needing more meds......and he said possibly. He'd want to see what the tummy Dr. found.

So I mention this to mom. She thinks it's possible but she's going to have the next test ......which I think she should.....but you wanna know why she quickly agreed to it??
go ahead..............


anywhoodle.......she starts the higher dose meds tomorrow. We'll see.

( Denny's was great btw ;))
So wh.


meno said...

I gotta tell you that i hope i never get to a place in my life where going to Dennys is the high point of my week. :)

Jen said...

I used to love Denny's, but it just isn't what it used to be. Then again, neither am I!

Hope everything turns out well for your mom.

tt said...

meno: i'm with ya sister!!!

jen: i'm not sure if i've just gotten usedt o it or what but i've been enjoying their french toast :)