Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Almost done :)

I am sooooo sore I can hardly type!
We had loads of fun. It took much longer than we expected though. Should have expected that . lol
Due to all the prep work we only got half the laundry room done on Sunday. I forgot we still had to go back to Tulsa and take the parentals to dinner. Yep...every-freaking-Sunday we have to take them out to dinner. It's not too bad actually. But..I thought we may get to skip this Sunday....guess not. :)
Anywho...we finished the tile works yesterday. It looks fabulous!!!! The tile we picked will hide a multitude sins..if you get my drift. **snicker**ha It's variegated colors of browns and tans. Woo-hoo!
I had to go to the store after we stopped to pick up a couple things and when I walked back in the house, Lovee had pulled up the carpet in the hallway between the laundry room and the kitchen!! We're gonna do that too!!!!
The project is growing!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS...........we're going to extend the tile partially into our living room by the back door. That carpet is up now too!!!! OMG!!! The bare concrete floor looks better than that carpet did!
I won't be dusting for a while..**cough-cough**what a mess.
I took pictures, honest....
Gotta get Lovee to upload them for me. I forgot how ...again. OY!!

We may grout the laundry room tonight if we're not too pooped. BUT..............................before we can do anything else I have to make another purchase.

Knee pads!!!!!!!!
My knees are soooo bruised. We knelt on stadium pads leftover from the kids HS days 12 years ago!! but evidently they weren't padded enough! I have serious bruises on my knees. Ouchie!

I also discovered I LOVE demolition! Tearing stuff out is so fun to me. Go figure.

Gosh the house is a mess....which normally would drive me nucking futs...........but i don't care much right now.

All is right in TT's world.
Yay for me!

Pics soon, I promise ;)


Dana said...

I kept reading and waiting for pictures only to discover you are a BIG tease!

ETK said...

You ARE a big tease! And that is NOT VERY NICE. :)
Glad you are having fun and expanding the projects.

Where did you go to dinner on Sunday night anyway? :)

gary rith said...

You sure did a lot, but sounds like it is only the beginning! That type of work requires a big bottle of aspirin, doesn't it? But nothing beats the satisfaction of making something with your own hands.

Farmer*swife said...

KNEE PADS! Yes! A Must Have.

Nucking Futs!!! [snort! snort! Pee, oops!]

FYI, I put a pic up just for lol'ol you!

Happy Demolition Tuesday!!!

(Did I spell that right? Oh well.)

CheekyMonkey said...

You're so cute! I can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

Re: the parentals and Sunday dinner - don't you just hate that? I don't like being committed to anything regularly like that. I'd rather fly by the seat of my pants!

I want to see pictures! :P

Brad said...

It's good to know we're not the only ones that have 'project scope creep'. It always starts the same.

"We'll just do this one thing and we'll have it done in three days. ...But we could also do XYZ while we have ABC already started...."

This is how/why we lived in the upstairs of our old house for 14 months with out a kitchen.

Looking forward to pics !

Jay said...

Maybe you could have swapped out Sunday night with another trip to Denny's? ;-)

Knee pads are a must have if you are going to do any work around the house.

tt said...

Dana: I'm so naughty aren't I! ha ha...SOON with the pics...I promise

ETK: we went to Outback. Yummy!!!! We totally forgot to eat all day, so we were ready for some substantial quantities!

Gary: yep..we're "all Advil" as the commercial goes. :)
And you of all people know how satisfying it is to do something wtih your own hands. Ours is nothing compared to yours...but we do get to get messy. ;)ha

FW: you make ME snort!!

Cheekymonkey: pics soon...gaaaa :) If I could just remember how....

Ff: I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl too. Schedules like that wear thin with me but it is what it is right?

Brad: Exactly. Project scope creep is exactly what it's becoming. ha ha ha ha
14 months w/o a kitchen..I'd go battie!!! Seriously! We' shooting for Thanksgiving...Christmas at the latest. ( keep your crossables crossed1)

Jay: you know...they've expressed interest in going to Dennys ...for dinner...but it would have to be on Sunday. ;( shucks!...Knee pads were bought today!!!!!!!! Why didn't you tell me sooner? ( hugs))
{I'm wondering if Monica wore them???}**snickerfart**

Farmer*swife said...

snickerfart! You kill me again!