Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Igmo strikes again..

Well, I uploaded the pics....looked at them...then tried to upload them to this here blog...and guess what? I just couldn't find them. What you say? No, really.....they're there, on my Kodak thingie...but they just won't go to my blog. I spent almost 2 precious hours this morning trying to get it to work. nada!
That's the way my grape works sometimes. I just decides to squish information that I haven't used in a few days...yes, days....and I never really know where it goes. My grape has a grape of it's own! I'm used to it but my kids find it amusing and scarey at times. it used to scare me too, but obviously I got used to it.

so, Maybe Lovee can find them for me...or sunshine daughter can when she visits us this weekend. Maybe the grape will quit playing ' lets move the boxes around to another room'...or maybe not. We'll see.

I'm anxious for you to see the progress. We really did work on the tile this weekend. and I love it. Grouting may happen tonight. Yay.
That is unless the grape decides to squish without my permission....Gotta find a cure for that.
Aha! it notes............maybe?

Wonder where I put those?


Dianne said...

"grouting may happen tonight"

you made that sound so sexy!

gary rith said...

GROUTING!!! What great fun!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I find it's easiest to just upload pics to photobucket and then copy the html code into your blog entry. Make sure you are reading it in html format though when you do that.

I love that you have a "sunshine daughter." I so wish I could adopt you as my mother. :)

Jay said...

"Grouting may happen tonight."

That's hot! ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

I saved them as a copy to a file under My Photos called "Blog Pics." That way, I can change their size, etc without affecting my original.

Uh-oh. Did I just squish your grape? LOL!

tt said...

dianne: it sounded sexy? You and Jay...I'll swear....funny how it didn't sound sexy to I tired? lol

Gary: it was fun...we did and, ummm......what's the word I'm looking for....TIREING!!!!!!!!!!

ff:I'll have to try that...maybe...if I can figure THAT out ..ha..and go ahead...adopt me's been done before and I have an infinite amount of love to share :)

jay: it was 'hot'...I was sweating the whole time. lol squished it alright. Now, you do what again????? lol

gary rith said...

well, when you toss in knee pads, its GOTTA be fun