Monday, January 26, 2009

really??? Seriously??? Get real man!!!!!!!

Can I just say something???
Well shit...of course I can. This is my blog and I can tell someone to F off anytime I want to.
Did anyone hear what Rush Limbaugh said ????? The audacity of that man totally confounds me. I mean, come on!!!!!! I can't for the life of me understand why anyone....especially an American, who purports to love his country (like Raunchy-Rush)would say he hopes President Obama 'FAILS". Seriously! Come on!!!!!........
Even when we or should I say 'I' have a President whom I/we don't agree with, it's just not right to publically say it's a hope that our President fails. It's not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue. It's a country issue.
Because if they were to fail then we all do. Sure some policies suck or ideas are put into play that don't exactly help us the way 'we' think they should....but to say "I hope he fails" is just too arrogant for me.
Maybe I've worn my rose colored glasses too long or my Pollyanna ideas still poke me in the ol' grape too often but...........really. Really?
Freedom of speech is important. Totally important!! I get that. But so is personal responsibility for ones actions and along with that, their speech.
Personally, I've never cared for Rush. I think he's a bore and a braggart. I think he uses his platform to bully and point out the flaws of everyone but himself.

That being said....this is just my humble opinion. I take full responsibility for my words and thoughts. I'm not on a radio program where I'll share my thoughts with millions of other people. I'm not that brash nor do I feel the need of saying something in public to garner a bunch of attention to feed my ego.
I just needed to vent a bit.
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh........he really gets under my skin.
Now I need a bath........I gotta scrub that shit off.
On a more interesting note.............we're frozen here. Litterally!! Ice storm...again. Not as bad as the one we had in December of 07...but bad enough that I won't be able to get to the parentals tomorrow! Eeeeeeekk! Needless to say the Mom isn't happy. Really? pfft....
Either I stay home tomorrow so I can arrive safe Wednesday......or......I risk it tomorrow and maybe end up in a mangled mess on the highway. Which is it Mom? Hummmm?? Oh??? Stay home then?? Ok...:) thankyouverymuch.
I fixed their pill containers Sunday after church just in case I couldn't get there. That was the Dad's idea and a good one. There's plenty of food in their house that she can fix. Casseroles in the freezer...speghetti sause in the freezer....homemade soup in the freezer....lots of food. No appointments untill Wednesday. They'll be fine. She's not convinced.

I should let her borrow my rose colored glasses or read Pollyanna to her. Maybe????

So, tomorrow, Lovee is going to try and make it to work. Gotta get those Wal~mart trucks out on the road ya know. I'll be keeping all my crossables crossed for him; possibly holding my breath untill he calls and tells me he's there. pajamma day will start. Woo-hoo!!

Have a good day!
Wave at the sun for me and send him over :)


Anonymous said...

I can't stand Rush. His voice grates on my nerves. He's a big fat ignoramus.

tt said...

ff: ditto!

meno said...

Rush is a parasite who feeds off anger, ignorance and outrage.

I hope HE fails.

Dana said...

Well ...

I may be a conservative, but even I have a distaste for Rush. That being said, I certainly saw a lot of people take great joy in seeing Bush's approval ratings plummet.

It goes both ways ...

My Outside Voice said...

I don't agree with the path our President is setting forth right now.. but.. I hope he succeeds..

I don't think it's any different that what I heard them say about Bush..

Frankly.. if Rushy boy..wants to run for President.. put his loved ones and himself through what the candidates go through.. then and only then.. can he hope the winner.. fails..

I'm VERY angry about the whole.. Negro anthem before the National anthem.. but it doesn't mean I want the man to fail... if he fails.. we fail...

tt said...

Meno: exactly. I used to listen to him eons ago...mainly for the entertainment value, but I got tired of his 'holier than thou' attitude. I just don't get it.

Dana: it does go both ways. I never liked the Bush bashing. I think it's counter productive to bash a President.. what's the point? Collectively, they are elected and we just have to go with the flow....speakup if we don't agree...but bashing just doesn't work. In my opinion :)

Queen: Negro anthem? When was that???? I must have missed it. hummmmmm........

Alli said...

Sometimes I feel like our nation has lost all respect for our leaders. Even if we don't agree, can we still show some respect for our president (past and present)???

tt said...

Alli: that's it in a nutshell I think. Respect. Maybe we're too tenderhearted or...I don't know what it is. I just don't like the lack of respect.

CheekyMonkey said...

Rush. That dude is like Howard Stern. He'll say ANYTHING to get people in an uproar. Publicity. He's good at it.

So fuckem. That's what I say.

Your mum is interesting. Like she doesn't feel safe unless you are there. Makes sense, a little. But just for ONE day, she can hold off for the PJ's. Hope you have a fabulous day.

Sunshine said...

Uh - negro anthem?

My Outside Voice said...

What am I the only one that caught that negro anthem thing? Princess said the same damn thing.. she went WTF? then she googled it to see what I was talking about..

then she went WTF?

Yea.. got her attention right there.. so google it..We saw it on the news that night.. she said she found it in the Denver Paper!

Anonymous said...

Dana said what I was gonna say

now I have to google...

Dez said...

Kuddos to those who can see Rush for what he is, a publicity seeking and obnoxious persona.
It has always irritated me that the press, and a lot of folk out there, have dumped on our presidents! They did bash President Bush consistently. Was no one looking for the good for the country and respect and trust in the president that you voted for?
Yes, the people voted for "that president", so just when they don't agree with him, they continue to bash our current president.
No respect at all. It saddens me that today's people can think that way.
Maybe if they think they can do a better job, they should speak up and run for office, or just shut the h*ll up!

Dez said...

PS: tt, I hope and pray that your honey makes it to and from his destination SAFELY!
So sorry to hear that your weather is not getting better!
Isn't that great that your dad thought ahead about the medicine?!
Surely, mom would have been all over you for that too!

Enjoy your pajama day! :)

ETK said...

Hmmm - maybe a little off topic. But personally, I was pissed off that there was so much mention of God. WTF? Separation anyone? anywhere? Maybe a little? Teeny Tiny bit? Ugh, THAT is what's annoying to me.

As far as the negro national anthem. I don't get it - why is it offensive to be at the inauguration? I see nothing wrong with it. But that's just me, I s'pose.

As far as Rush Limpdick, I'm gonna go ahead and echo (steal the words of) meno:
Rush is a parasite who feeds off anger, ignorance and outrage.

I hope HE fails.

My Outside Voice said...

I watch it last night. He was asked to submit a 400 word paper Obama's 900 billion dollar plan to help it get passed. Those are 4 words taken out of context. He simply replied that he did not want the government in every aspect of his life including his health care..he believed that is what President Obama's package was going to do, so his 400 words could be summed up in 4. He hope he failed.

I'm not a Rush fan, but I believe the news media is only giving us the side of the story that promotes their personal believes,, as in the Negro Anthem that I got my panties in a wad about.. I think we need to google everything they tell us and get it straight from the horses mouth...

I believe we need to start running our country instead of the news media and Holliwood!