Saturday, September 8, 2007

Drivers and shoes.......:-)

Ya know, I drive over 20 miles to " work " way. That's over 40 miles to and from...duh!...and I've finally discovered something that happens every elfing day! Picture this: You're driving along, you're with the flow of traffic listening to some tunes, not thinking about anything inparticular, just looking at the surroundings and the other maniacs on the road and there it is....again!! You see someone ahead of you w/ their turn signal on, calmly merging into an open lane...and the person they are getting in front of does what? SPEEDS UP!!! WTF!
There is plenty of room for the 'in front' car to change lanes....but the 'behind' car sees this as intrusion on their space?....or is it a matter of ''oh no you don' one is getting in front of me!"
What is that? And then what does the 'behind' car do after that? They get on their ass and have to they 'cut' in line or something. I swear, I see this every swinging day. To and from! I will never understand it. It annoys the heck out of me.

Also, why do ppl stop 2 or 3 car lengths away from the car in front of them when they get to a stop light? Or, even better, why stop that far away from the crosswalk line when you're first in line at the light? My Dad sees this alot and asks me every time why the driver does that. I don't know I tell him...maybe in case someone slams into them from behind they won't hit anybody???? Or maybe their depth perception is a little skewed?? He doesn't understand it ....and frankly, neither do I. One of these days I'm gonna ask the driver....I know that's risky....but I'll do it just because I really want an answer.

Just in case ya'll have been wanting to get a really, really comfortable pair of sandals and just don't know what kind to get.....I have the answer for you! ECHO!!! OMG!!!!! i've never,ever had on a more comfortable pair of sandals!!! I've had them on for 15 hors now and my feet feel great...which is something for me. Their not a dressy shoe at all, but to wear w/ capri's or shorts their perfect!!!


Alli said...

Yeah, those Echo & Born shoes/sandals rock! So comfy! Pups & I both have Born shoes & sandals and love 'em. I think Pups has like 5-6 pairs of Born shoes. :)

Tweb said...

Okay, 1. I don't get that whole speeding up as if I'm intruding in on your space. It's a road for cryin out loud. We're all going the same direction, get over it already.

2. That 2 or 3 car lengths, is the "invisible car" theory. It's there, just no one else can see it. One day I WILL, pull next to this invisible car and parallel park in front of the guy, thus squishing his invisible car friend. I can't wait for the right time.

3. Sandals? hmmmphfff... I wanted to buy new shoes this weekend...but my feetzies, just aren't the same since the bambino took over the body so I think I'll wait until after the eviction. Maybe they'll "snap" back. Maybe they wont and I'll have to go buy all new shoes. :)

Anonymous said...

Let us NOT forget Born purses!!! that our sisters FORCE us to buy!