Monday, September 3, 2007

Good Weekend

I had a great weekend!! Why? Because of Lovee!! He absolutely saved me again. That's no surprise I'm sure but he just amazes me at times. On Saturday afternoon, he suddenly showed up at the parents to do their lawn. I was sitting on the bench in front having my daily tea w/ the queen and looked up and saw him plugging an extension cord into the yard lamp!! I squealed...alot..... and he smiled biggly...came over and smooched on me !! He hadn't said he was coming. My mood instantly lifted!! :)
I helped him some with the yard and we visited then he wnet home and I carried on w/ the folks. Then Sunday, after church, as the folks and I were driving towards the house I noticed Lovee's car and let out a squeal!!! It scared Mom and made Dad say" What'd you say?" :) Lovee was there again...working on trimming the hedge in front of the porch. I helped again for a while. I got
the folks settled and then Lovee and I left and went shopping! Penny's was having a great shoe sale and we ended up getting Lovee 5!!! pairs of athletic shoes.....Holy Cow!! Then we went home and got in the pool!!!!!!! Geesh, I Love LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!! the pool. We got to play for about 40 minutes and then had to get ready and go back to the parents and take them to dinner. Dinner was good and afterwards we all had a hot fudge sunday!! Love those too!!
And this afternoon, the doorbell rings at the parents house and guess who it was??? Yep, Lovee!! He brought us some chocolate. God love him!! He MUST love me fluffy!!
He had dinner ready for me when I got home. Afterwards we went for, possibly, our last swim as the weather is getting chilli in the mornings.( time to shut it down I'm afraid :( )

I have no words to describe how much that man means to much he's ALWAYS meant to me. I'm very blessed. I'm not sure what I did to deserve it but I'm glad I found him!
Good weekend for sure!


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Alli said...

That's where Pups gets it from, huh? :) Glad you had a good weekend. We sure are lucky, aren't we?