Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm home.......YAY!!!!! Which means...randomness...

I got to come home today after church. Which means Lovee and I got to work on some stuff together for a change. That......makes me happy.
We completely shut down the pool. That's always sad to me but it was time cuz it's gotten so elfin cold at night and in the morning that the water never recovers. Actually the water feels like it did when we were in Santorini for ETK's Wedding. Brrrrrrrrrr! Freakin' cold water there! I didn't get alot of swim time in this summer anyway. Maybe next year. I hope!
Lovee and I got to spend some "Biz-ness ti-ime" together...........that's all I'm gonna say about that...(snicker-snicker)
I'm still trying to figure out what I could be passionate about. For some reason, I think I should have something I feel passionate enough about to go that extra mile. There are things I would like to do, if I had the time. Like, help with Meals on Wheels or the Angle Food Network or helping the homeless shelters or something that helps little kids....I dunno....Maybe when my current job comes to a close I will have it figured out.
I've almost got the Mom convinced that I could do my walking during the day around their neighborhood. She doesn't like it if I go upstairs to watch TV by myself so this is an accomplishment. She keeps saying she feels more sucure knowing she can see me. Ok, I understand that...sort of....but I need some break time. Fact, I think that may be how I put it to her. Not that I need a break but something like....uhh.....I need to get out for some fresh air to recharge. Of course my Dad has finally said I can go w/ him whenever he goes for his wee walks. He stumbles alot and the last time it scared him. He only walks about a quarter mile but that's great for him. That, however won't be long enough for me. Anyway, I think by walking in the afternoon, it will break up my day better and possibly improve my overall mood.
That's the plan anyway.
I sure miss my sisterlittle.......
She teaches 8th grade ( around Denver ) and is sooooo busy. Plus, she's working on getting her Masters........(I think I've said this before).....but....I still miss her.
The State Fair will be here in a couple weeks. My BFF and I always go for a day. We don't ride anything anymore but there are certian things we LOVE to eat. Corndogs....candy....icecream.... and we love looking at all the booths. Not to mention I have a thing for yard sticks...I can't explain it but I don't relax untill I've found one.,,,silly me. We won't be able to spend as much time there as we usually do but it will still be fun!
Gotta go get ready to go back to the folks. Sunday night we ALWAYS eat out. It would be more fun if we could get more variety in the places we go but that's not gonna happen. We only go where they can remember the menu. They get the exact same thing every single time too! We go to Steak-N-Ale....for steaks; Rib Crib....for BBQ,Picadilly....for a Cafeteria style meal...( they get the same thing every time) or Monterey..for Mexican. That's it. OH, I forgot. We go to The Outback on special occasions. That will be the end of this month for Mom's birthday.
She's requested I make her a German Chocolate cake. Those are fun.

Have a good weekend Chica's!!
Hugs to all.


Tweb said...

Well Duh, you need a "lunch break" from work... if I didn't take one here, I'd lose my mind too!!

I love your randoms.

ETK said...

LALALALALALALALALALALALALA I don't hear you I don't hear you I don't hear you.