Wednesday, September 12, 2007

random maddening stuff

So, I'm cooking a pot of soup for the parental units and mom asks if I have the recipe. Yes, I say and show it to her. She snips, 'you don't have to show me I believe you.'
I'm chopping veggies and she says,' I thought you liked that other knife' I say I like this one too. "Well, why aren't you using the other one?' 'I don't know, I just grabbed this one.' She says,' the other one cuts better'...I tell her this one is working ok.
I wash up the frying pan I used to brown the meat and as I'm putting it away I think...I use this almost every day and she keeps it at the back of the cupboard...I think I'll put it up front ( where the soup pot that's used once a month is) so It'll be easier to get to. She see's me putting it in front and says,'That's not where that belongs'...." I know, but I use it almost everyday and I thought it'd be easier to get to'.... But that's not where it belongs she says......Ok, I'll put it in the back..............Well, that's where it belongs she says.**************sigh*********
I ask her if she's worried about the Dr. appt today and she says no. I ask if she's anxious or nervous......"No,"......Hummmm I say........She says,' I'm just curious about what he's going to tell me......... I just feel a bit 'unsettled." Ohhhhhhhh, I see. (I new I'd never find the right word.....that would mean I was telling her how to feel!)
We're leaving for her Dr. appt. and she says,'Are you leaving the stove on?' 'yes, but it's on low.'
When we get back she goes directly to the stove, takes off the lid and says,'If you don't turn this up the vegetables won't get cooked in time for dinner.'..." That's my plan Mom.' 'Well, I can't see to do it.'..'I 'll do it as soon as I put my purse down.''***** heavy sigh******
later........'Want me to tell you how I fix the bread?'...'yes, please' ( because we all know I've never sliced bread before***errrrr*****.... never mind the fact that I've done this a dozen times for her already)" I slice it down the middle, then across and then put butter on it and then put it under the broiler" 'Yep, that's the way I do it too' I say with a smile.

The Dr. told her she could sleep w/o the boot if she wants. But I have to get up in the night she says.......That's ok says the Dr., just use your walker to get around. I already do, she says. He tells her a week from Monday she can get a lower profile boot; one that only goes up to her ankle. She'll need to wear that for another 4 weeks or so. Her shoulders slump and she says she was hoping to get it off sooner. After that, he says, she'll need to get some hard soled shoes. She perks up and says," it's hard to find shoes to fit my feet, they're very narrow so I only wear these( as she lifts up her good foot ). He says they don't have a hard sole so she'll need to get another kind to wear for a while. Her shoulders slump again. I tell her we'll shop and try to find her some 'saddle oxfords' response on that.

'We' spent the next 3 hours trying to decide if she will sleep with it off or on. Because she can't see well you know.( duh !! ) If she wants it on after I leave she can't do it....worra,worra,worra....

She finds out that the guy who teaches Sunday school will be doing it every Sunday since the woman who helps him is leaving the church. Well, she doesn't like "Jim' very much so they won't be going very often anymore. Yay!!!! I'm thinking!
I read the Church bulletin to her cuz she 'needs' to know what's going on. She's not interested in doing any of the activities that are listed though she says......But, is her name listed on the prayer list? Yep.....Good she says.
I read the cards she's been getting from her church friends to her and prop them up on the top of the bookcase behind her 'love seat'. She told me not to do that. Why I ask, you've always displayed them before............I can't see them so just throw them away ( she said w/ a big frownie face) Ok........

So, today is her mani/pedi. How do you think that's going to go?
My fingers are crossed that her night was good.
Some days I wish I could just pull the covers over my head.

Enjoy your day my sweeties!!!!!!! ;-)


Tweb said...

Well, it IS humpday after all... it's gotta be better than yesterday. :)

ETK said...

You are a truly patient and wonderful woman. You won't regret this you know?

Sunshine said...

Oh my precious Momma. Like I said earlier today... I would have to get a muzzle! =)