Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sneezie Snow?!

Ok, so I'm driving to work this morning, sniffin' and sneezin' and listening to the news and the news guy says " Hey,Tulsa is Number the whole the worse place for allergies!!!!" Huh?!? I knew we were up there but, numero uno ?! It's not the distinction I was hoping for but we made the national news. Everything is in bloom and looks beautimus. Achoo!!! Bless me..:)

Of course, it's only fitting that's SNOWING !!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's sticking to everything!!
I figure tweb sent it here. I told her to keep it up her way, but I don't think she did. Duh!
So yesterday we covered the plants cuz it was going to be cold, now it's snowing...what's next?

On top of that, Lovee had to take Tabby to the vet tonight. Awww, poor baby. I've never heard him meow so was a howl actually. He kept it up, over and over after we finally got him into the dog's cage. He reeaallly didn't want to do that. He started head butting the cage door and everything. Ouch! He showed up last weekend with huge tufts of fur gone and cuts everywhere on his face, eye, ears. Lovee said he should probably take him to the vet....tabby was talking to him and telling him to do this Lovee said. He reminded me of that tonight when tabby showed back up after 3 days of being awol. His left jaw is swollen 2x bigger than the other!!!
Poor guy! More on that later.........


Tweb said...


Why what on earth are you talking about??? I'm innocent!

tt said...

Yea, right! Just like Clinton didn't have sexual relations with that girl........ha ha