Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This and thats

Well, tomorrow my little Sunshine girl is having Oral Surgery. Yep, all 4 wisdom teeth are coming out. OUCHIE!!! Jeanne is going to be taking care of her tomorrow and then Lovee and I will check on her through out the day on Friday. It's gonna be a bummer for a few days...
I almost had an altercation( that's putting it mildly) with a Ho-bitch today! If my sweet Daddy hadn't been with me it may have gotten ugly. We were picking my Mom up from having her nails done...I saw someone pulling out of a parking space so I waited, with blinker on, for her to back out and drive off. Well, the stuuupid Ho backed out, looked at me and then just sat there! No shit! She started fooling around w/ something in her back seat..I see a couple kids pop up and reach for something in the front...she pushes them back.....then grabs some kind of pink lunchbox and starts rumageing through it...throwing stuff out the window. Still I sit there, trying to give her the benefit of a doubt( don't know why really..cept maybe the Dad..) waiting for her to literally put it in gear and drive on. My Dad asks me what she's waiting on and I say I don't know but she's about to get some horn! Mind you she's blocking the way for both directions of travel! So I give her some horn and.....nothing! No response..nothing!! I'm thinking to myself ( so I don't upset the Dad) WTF Bitch!!!! I think about moving on to another space but I can't cuz she's blocking the effing road both ways!!! so I honk again. She slowly and I mean exagerated slowness....turns her head and looks at me then turns back to the pink lunch pail and throws something out the window from it then looks at me again. I give her the "WTF is your problem look" while waving my hands in a not so kind gesture. Finally she turns the wheel and ever so slowly drives away while trying to stare me down!! Get real Ho!! Someone poop in your Cheerios this morning? Mad at the white bitch in the Lexus while you're in a piece of shit minivan?? She put some majorly bad Karma out there today and one day it's gonna wallop her in the keester real biggly!!!! Wish I could be there to see it.
Now the funny-stupid thing about this is....the space she was in was too small for me to pull into. For real....If I had gotten in there we wouldn't have been able to open the doors w/o dinging every car! Now I know why her piece-o-shit minivan was all banged up.
Geesh............what's the matter w/ ppl. How can acting like that possibly do any good. Ya think she felt better? Hussy-ho!! Gawd I hate stupid people!!


Sunshine said...

Kick her ass ma!!!!!! lol She better be glad Pawpaw was there - otherwise I know you would have laid the smackdown on her. Wish I could have been there :)

Yup - another hour and I'm going under the knife. eeeekkkkk!!! Jeanne will be here all day Friday too. She changed her plans since it's too soupy to mow her mom's yard that day.

See you then :) XOXO

Tweb said...

YOU my dear have much more patience than I. For if it were me, with my momz in the car, (first of all, she would have been all, Get the hell outta the way bitch!) and then I would have gone over to "check" on this lady... and made her feel either like an ass or like an ass. :) Are you okay? (said in my most panicked voice) and then when the bitch-ho says "Naw, I'm Aight." I'd be like, "then get the fuck out of the way."

Goodness...such a potty mouth today. Better go rinse that out with some mocha. :)

tt said...

That would have involved confrontation darlin'...
remember I like to internalize things forever.

ETK said...

Do you realize that it's SUNDAY and that you haven't posted since WEDNESDAY and that's FOUR FREAKING DAYS OF NOTHING???

You are KILLING me. :)