Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Celene- Sisterlittle- Dad = rambles

If you go over to Sunshine's post you can see a pic of Celene all preggers up. She got a good pic of her. We'll both take pics of the babies this weekend so I should have lots to post.

Plus my sisterlittle will be here too! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! It's only for the weekend but that's ok with me. Lovee and I won't be able to get away or anything but it'll be great to see her and her sweetie. I'll have to get some pics of her to share with ya'll. She's so dang pretty! I hope she's not too shocked at seeing the Dad. He's just not to perky these days. Plus, everytime he feels bad he immediately thinks it's his heart and he gets real anxious which makes it worse.

So, Lovee and I were talking and I asked him this question:
Do you think whenever they ( parents) feel bad that they think ...'this is it...I'm going to die."
He said yes. I agree. I just wonder how many older ppl do this. I guess it's possibly a natural thing when you're 80+ years old but how depressing would that be. Is it possible to NOT think that way when you're old?
I sincerely hope I don't do that, if I get to be that old, but who knows right? We don't even know what's ahead of us for this day much less 30 or 40 years from now. But here's the thing that keeps rolling around the grape. Let me squish it.

I take them to church every Sunday right? They've been going to this church ever since I was born. I was baptized there. So, most people who attend church every Sunday have a relationship with God right? They've been taught of the promise of everlasting eternal life. So, why are they so afraid of dying? I asked the Mom this. I said " Why are you so afraid? Heaven is supposed to be a great place where you'll be free from pain and worry and you'll live on forever in glorious peace. What a great adventure." Her reply .." I don't like adventures and I don't like change." Hummmmmm.......... " ok, so why do you go to church every Sunday?" "Because it's what we do...don't question me tt."

Conversations with the Mom are so.....umm......interesting.


Tweb said...

Ha, your mom cracks me up. It is what it is, don't question it TT. :) Brilliant.

I'm not going to worry bout that stuff till it happens, in which case... it'll be too late to sweat it. :)

tt said...

tweb: right! it is what it is! I'm glad she cracks somebody up....it's sure as hell not me! :)