Friday, February 22, 2008

Good news....

Well for me anyway.
The Mom had her dr. appt. yesterday. She's been wanting hip replacement surgery for some time now. Poor gal, she's on Kadian twice a day which is basically Morphine and Lortabs every four hours for the break-through pain. she's had a couple of failed back surgeries and 4 Rotator Cuff surgeries,a total knee replacement and well, she's just plain old. 83 to be exact. Anyway, she's thought for a long time that if she got a new hip some of her pain would go away. I know they hurt her from time to time, but replacement surgery is reeaaal invasive I tell her. I've talked to her for a while now about the recouperative time it would take if she had her hip replaced. She doesn't think it would be so bad. HUH?? Wha.... She's always jumped whenever a Dr. mentioned surgery. It's a cure-all to her. Even though it DOESN"T cure her...she still goes for it.
Well, yesterday the Doc said NO. Yep, he told her she has at least a couple of good years left in those hips. So what does she say? "Well, I wasn't wanting the surgery anyway. " HUH?????
I said a silent prayer of thanks and mouthed that to the Dr. who actually winked at me as if he knew.
So, it's good news to me because I can let go of the horror that's been building in my mind of what was in store for the Dad an I if she had the surgery. You just can't imagine what she puts us...(read: me) through during those times.
Am I selfish? I don't think so. As so many ppl have pointed out to me, I've got to remember to take care of myself too. I won't do them anygood if I get too worn down. And her having surgery would wear the shit out of me. she's a most demanding person to say the least.
So, since she's saying she didn't want it anyway, that's what I'm going with too. surgery!!!
The Dad was put on some new meds to help with his dizziness and it seems to be working. YAY!!! again! All of his labs came back fine. First off he was convinced his heart was going to stop and second, being dizzy all the time made him very anxious. To the point of hyperventilateing actually. Do you know how hard it is to convince an 82 year old man who can't hear or see to breathe properly? It's exhausting. Plus, throw some dementia in the mix and it actually becomes a wee bit comical.'s my saving grace.

It's Friday people. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dianne said...

Oh bless that Dr. for setting the Mom's mind at ease. My Grandmother used to do the same thing to me - she'd tell me I was wrong and then the Dr. would tell her I was right and she'd swear I had never said what I knew I said. Then she'd giggle - that was always my favorite part.

I love your Maui picture - so that's what it looks like to be totally adored.

thanks for the visit.

Tweb said...

Well that's a breath of fresh air! Thank goodness that doc is on your side, even if he didn't really realize it. :0

And yes, it is yourjob to take care of yourself and you're doing a wonderful job of looking after the units! I don't think I'd have the patience that you do!!!

Anonymous said...

Came to check out your blog since you commented on my PFC (thanks!). Was looking at your adorable wolf baby pics. I was just wondering - how did your son get these wolves? I mean, it is clear that they are their pets and are docile and everything, but how do you go about acquiring two wolves? That's crazy. Do they act like dogs? The pictures are precious!!


Jen said...

As much as people say doctors are money-grubbing-do-anythings, they do tend to make the right choices now and again. They aren't all bad.

Glad to see this one turned out to be the opposite of what most think. I may be a bit biased (ahem . . .); however, I tend to think most doctors do good in this world. Can you imagine it without them?

Nice to know you won't have to stay over "24-7-365" while mom's was to be recovering. I mean, I love (just LOVE) my parents, but to take care of them after a major surgery - I dunno if I'm as strong as you!

tt said...

Diane: I do LOVE your PFC!! there's a lot of talent out there! Adored?...I ADORE him that's for sure :) He is a great Dr....I thanked him a lot!

Tweb: It's amazing what we can do if we have no choice...I'm proof lol
Em: My son has always loved wolves and found them, for sale, on line. Bought the female worked out great then bought the male and..viola!! Cubs ;) And yes, they really do act just like big dogs. Except when a big hunk of beef is thrown into their area...stay back from that!! :)

Jen:My folks have amazing Dr.'s!! And they've done very good by them. My only beef w/ Dr.'s were some in the military. Some of those I wouldn't give you a plug nickle for!! But...some were great...just like Bankers and dentists and policemen ....some good and some bad...You know we're really partial to the medical profession ...( ahem..)

Thanks for all the visits!

Anonymous said...

Glad your parents medical issues could be at least somewhat resolved. Remember, the 5th commandment says "Honor thy Father and thy Mother" It doesn't say cater to their every whim. Just like anybody else, sometimes what's good for them is not what they want. I am glad, in a strange way, that my parents died the way they did, and that they didn't have to suffer some of the infirmities of old age. I miss them terribly, but I think it would be worse if I had to watch them get old. That IS selfish, but it's sometimes how I feel. Good luck to you and yours. By the way, what rank did your Husband reach in the Corps? I was a Corporal, but was only in for 6.

Semper Fi


Alli said...

Yeah, I am kinda partial to medical professionals, too. ;)

I am glad the doc was honest with you all. I am sure that was a HUGE relief for you!

I agree, there are good & bad people in ALL professions.

Yes, please continue to take care of yourself. :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Glad things are going the right way finally. Parents can be tough cookies!

Happy Friday, well Saturday now!

R.E.H. said...

I don't think you're being selfish at all. I think the doctor did well to set her mind to rest, though. Having a major surgical procedure like that at her age would pose more problems than solutions I think.

Wish her and your dad all the best.

tt said...

FMD:Boy, when you said "Remember, the 5th commandment says "Honor thy Father and thy Mother" It doesn't say cater to their every whim " that struck a chord! I never looked at it that way before. It's amazing to me how this blog thing works. You put info out there and get all sorts of feedback that you wouldn't have gotten elsewhere. I love it. I'll be sure to remember that. ( btw- Lovee was E-9 when he retired after 23 years. We sometimes still call him Top :)

Alli: yes, it was a huge relief to say the least. I just knew I wouldn't see 'home' for months if she had the surgery( that's the selfish side of me) plus she doesn't spring back from things too well lately. With me there, she's got it fairly easy so she doesn't have to do much that would give her a hard work out. I'm trying to take better care of myself. What a process... :)

RLL: tough cookies are exactly what they are!! :)Plus a few other adjectives I won't divulge right now...ahem.... :)

REH: Thanks for the support and validation. Sosterlittle and I sometimes think we're actually a Jewish guilt we were raised with was tremendous!
It's hard to shake sometimes.

ETK said...


Wow - you are so popular these days! :)