Monday, February 18, 2008

Picture Gallery....

Here she is!! My sisterlittle!
She's so stinkin' cute.....pfftt..
Anyway she and her hubby left this morning to go back to Denver. She's got to be back to her class tomorrow...she's a great teacher...8th grade no less....ugh!

And then, there is the family photo. S.L, Dad,Mom and me......

Then there's the proud papa's.....Babyboy with Gabriel...and Celene in the background. BB is actually stradling Gabe!! Gosh he's a big ol' boy.....Gabe that is! :)

Here's my B-inlaw getting smooches from Gabriel! How cool is that? They were both a wee bit apprehensive about the whole 'wolf' thing, but once they saw how gentle and accepting they were everyone realxed. You can sort of see Lovee in the background with Celene...awwww....

Is it possible for them to get any cuter??? The white one has the cutest pink nose and paws!

Chow time!!! :)
the one that's having her lunch 'upside down' totally cracked us up. I wish I could figure out how to get it on U-Tube. Lovee did a wee video on our camera but we've not figured out how to transfer it..

And this is the gorgeous Gabriel. Proud Papa of 8 of the most adorable wolf cubs!

S.L. and I holding two of the little cuties!

So that's it for now. Babyboy said they should have their eyes open in about a week. That'll be fun! More pics later.
I think they are hoping to keep 4 of the cubs and sell the others. I know the white one is staying for sure. He's already been named Nanook I think. How to choose??!!!


R.E.H. said...

Awesome pictures! Really cute little wolf cubs. I think the white one looks a little albino, yes?

So what are they going to do with all those little wolfies?

tt said...

reh: the while one looks exactly like her Mom...not albino though. She will have blue eyes but they will turn to orange when she's almost a year old. I think they'll sell 4 of them and keep 4. Can you imagine the food bill??!!

ETK said...

AWESOME!! That upside down eater is ADORABLE!!! I want to squeeze it! Can I have one? (Um, baby would kill me). :) LOVE the pics of you and sisterlittle and the fam! LOVE IT WHEN YOU POST PICTURES!

Alli said...

They are keeping 4? Soooo....6 wolves?

They are beautiful, but that kinda scares me.

Are they sure?

Alli said...

OH and LOVE the family photos!!!

Y'all are sooooo cute!!!


tt said...

alli: yep, they'll have 6!! Insane isn't it?!

etk: yep...take one and don't tell Baby! :)

Tweb said...

WOW, picture overload! I am so excited to see so much of you suga! YOU'RE just as stinkin cute as your sisterlittle! :)

meno said...

HOW CUTE! And handsome. I want a wolf.