Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good Grief!!!!!! What????

Yesterday we woke up to 60 degree temps. It set a record for for our Okie state. Then later on we reached another record breaking temp of 82!! 80 elfing 2!! We were sweating for Pete's sake.
Okie weather is crazy.
Now today, it's presently 51 degrees with thunder boomers moving in and will drop to 35 later on today.
Good ol' Oklahoma weather. Just wait a day and it's another season.
I LOVED it yesterday though. I think I can get through another 6 weeks of winter now.
Damn that groundhog anyway!


ETK said...

Pack the parents and Lovee in Suzi-Su-V and come to Florida with us!!! What a fabulous IDEA! I AM SO SMART!

tt said...

etk- yes you are smart!! but trust me, you wouldn't want to go ANYWHERE with my parents...It's an ordeal just getting them to the Dr.'s office...that takes hours of planning. ;) Thanks for the invite though..we'll be with you in spirit..

Tweb said...

That groundhog is smokin crack. Does anyone actually do a follow up to that lill effers forecast? Really though, do we wait 6 weeks and let everyone know, that stupid rodent was wrong again!

Pfft... cant' wait for st. pete... 10 days... 10 days...

tt said...

tweb: from the looks of things here he was right on...shitdog I say!
You just go get warm and tell us all about it! Hussy!

Alli said...

That's how H-town has been. SHEESH!