Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Three Stars........

For several years now, Lovee and I look for 'our' stars where ever we are. We looked when we were in Hawaii, Greece, the Grand Canyon...everywhere. It's what we do. We're stargazers. We love to swim at night and get on a floatie and just look up at all the stars. When we had the meteor showers last summer we used to drive out into the country so we could see them better whenever they wized by. Too cool in my book. Facinating! Anyway our favorite to look for is Orions Belt. It's always facinated me. Whenever Lovee was gone or on the road we would look at that constellation while we talked on the phone. It made the distance seem not so great that way.
Sillyhuh? You should go look for it tonight.
Just thought I'd share that :)


R.E.H. said...

Yeah, I used to love stargazing. I think that enjoyment has just slipped my mind over the last number of years.

Maybe, when I find the right girl, me and her will pick up that habit again ;)

Tweb said...

Um... yeah... those are MY stars.

Seriously. THey always have been.

Cuz they're perfectly aligned and there's 3 of them...and my fave number is 3.

Seriously, I'm feeling some freaky time continuum thing going on here. Get outta my head woman!

Jen said...

Orion has always been my favorite constellation! His belt is my most cherished part of it.

tt said...

WOW guys!!!
ppl I've talked to here just look at me and say "what? who?" they're clueless. Seriously! WTF!
tweb: I'm in there to stay girl!!
jen: Mine too...wow
reh:maybe if you start again...THEN you'll find her...maybe??

Alli said...

Yea! Love the dippers!! :)

You 2 are so romantic! :)