Friday, May 30, 2008

End of the week whines randoms

Dad- I wanna know who used the last paper towel?
me- Ummmm Mom?
Mom- Not me. Probably tt. Why?
Dad- Because I reached for one and there wasn't any.
Mom- Did you look in the pantry for a new roll?
me- I forgot to put another roll in there.
Dad- I looked and there wasn't one.
me- Dad I forgot to put an extra one in the pantry.
Mom- TT forgot to put one in the pantry.
Dad- Well I looked in there but I couldn't find any.
Mom- what did you do? Did you get a napkin?
Dad- I got a napkin. But I wanted a paper towel. I use a paper towel to put my lunch on.
me- Did the napkin work?
Dad- yea, but I wanted a paper towel.
( tt.runs upstairs for the towels)
me- Ok....I put a new roll on and there's an extra one in the pantry.
Dad- A new what?
me- a new roll of paper towels with an extra one in the pantry.
Dad- I couldn't find any paper towels in there.
me- I just put some in there.
Dad- well, I wanted one for my lunch but i couldn't find any.

.........heavy sigh......
(singing) here we go we go we go.......................etc...........
And on we go. :)
Mom went w/ me to the grocery store this week. Big mistake!! She whined more than a newborn. Anyway, I saw some fresh cherries. I love fresh cherries. They were $4.99 a pound!!! Holy shit cow I said. I went ahead and got some though. I told the Mom I was surely worth the money.......she just mumbled and asked where the banana's were.
When we got home and I we finished putting everything away, she asked if I'd offered Dad any cherries. No, b/c they have pitts and he doesn't like stuff w/ pitts. He used to she said. So.......................
Me- Dad would you like some fresh cherries?
Dad- whaa? Huh.....oh ok...
me- they have pitts in them so be careful
Dad- Oh well then I don't want any.
Mom- Well, I spent $10.00 on them....don't you want any?
me- umm...I bought them Mom....and he doesn't like the pitts.
Mom- oh I thought I bought them
me- No you want some?
Mom- well, if he doesn't want any then I do. But only a few b/c they're expensive.
Dad- What's expensive?
Mom- the cherries
Dad- No I don't want any.
Me- I'm going out on the porch for a few...

I came back in w/ a tummy ache from eating too many cherries!
I'm gonna go pickle my liver now outside for a while.
More later.


Brad said...

Just from that one post - I think we might be genetically related. That is SO my family's way of communicating.

tt said...

Yea...I got that from your post too. ( snicker-snicker)
Unfortunately my Dad has our comversations loop a bit at times. Sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes..I have to my liver :)

ETK said...

methinks you might need to try a chocolate martini. Seriously. Once I "show you the way" you will never turn back!!! Just think "going to GA, going to GA, going to GA". It'll be here before you know it!

Sunshine said...

LOL - You crack me up Ma!!

tt said...

etk_- Ga...Ga...Ga....

Sunshine... :)

CheekyMonkey said...

I know that being in the middle of those conversations have to be pretty frustrating at times but I LOVE them!!! That's flippin hilarious!

tt said...

CM: it's funny to me for about the first minute. then It just pings off my grape and makes jelly! UGH!