Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where the Hell have I been?

Even I don't know the answer to that! I've just been stinkin' busy lately. I've managed to read everyone but not necessarily commenting b/c that takes more time than I've got.....sometimes anyway. I don't know......WTF.

The parentals are doing what they do best. Being parents. The Dad has an eye problem again. Poor guy can't even read the paper; hasn't been able to since he woke up Sunday morning. His 'good' eye was all matted shut. I took him to the Dr. yesterday and we've got 2 different antibiotic drops to put into it. Probably and infection of sorts the Dr. said but his 'pressure' is too high in that eye which isn't good for someone who's had Glaucoma surgery. His Dad was blind by middle age, so Dad is pretty skiddish about his eye site. I would be too! Anyway, we' re fixing him up as best we can.

Lovee has been busy doing yard stuff. Here at our house and the parentals and Sunshine's and Babyboys house. Phew....planting trees, leveling yards for a pool, mowing, name it he's been doing it. He took yesterday off so he could start putting in a French drain in our Back yard. Whenever we get a big storm, we get a moat around our house. He hates that. And of course, living in Oklahoma, we get ginormous storms! When we're through with them we send them on to Jay. [ Nothing personal Big Guy.....:) ]
We had some awful tornado's his fairly close to us, but we escaped. We did have to go down into our 'frady hole' a couple times. Too close for me!

Our sweet Squiddly and his lovely and urchins will be here for a wee visit in a couple weeks! Yay!! He's finishing up the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va.. They're going to visit us for a couple days on their way back to the west coast. I'm excited to see them all!

I know there's been more stuff going on but my grape just can't seem to remember it.

If you haven't already been here, you may want to stop in and help Dianne celebrate her 100th post! She's awesome to say the least. I have to start my day with her.

Oh and btw............the Indy 500...........shitfuckdam!! Did anyone see how totally pissed Danica was whenever she got bumped and was taken out of the race????? I hated it! I was rooting for her and Tony and Helio..........Helio was the only one of those who actually got to finish. I'm like Cheekymonkey....I'm going to quit rooting for people cuz I think I may be jinxing them. ;(
It was great not having to go to church that day though. Is that bad to say? Hummmm....that's a whole different

Gotta go do my paint-n-spackle thing now and get to the parentals. Yay me........


CheekyMonkey said...

1. Frady hole? THATS funny. I love it. But hate it at the same time, cuz I'm a frady cat too.
2. I just got excited when reading that squiddly is coming FOR A COUPLE DAYS! MUCH better than the 6hrs you had with him last time! I'm so excited for you!
3. Ugh, eyes. Poor dad. Hopefully they shape up sometime soon... I still have black spots in my vision from when Logan was born. Gotta get to an opthamologist to take care of that. I miss my peripheral vision!
4. Miss you. Biggly.

Raven said...

Wow. Your schedule exhausts me just reading about it! Enjoy Squiddly's visit.

Jay said...

Yeah, thanks a lot for those storms. They provide some decent blog fodder. ;-)

Dianne said...

I can't stop laughing at "Where the hell have I been?"

I swear I can hear you!!

sorry about Dad's eye - I'm sure it just adds to the stress and then the maddening cycle starts again.

But you sound very upbeat and like I always tell you - I'm happy when you're happy.

and thanks for the mention - you're the best.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is a french drain? I'll have to google that one. Here I thought I'd been doing some yardwork but compared to ya'll, I haven't done diddly squat!

ETK said...

Whoa! I'm not comfy with the multiple frady hole trips. maybe you should move to the ATL? :D

Smooches!!! Love you bunches!

tt said...

Monkey: black spots???? Did I hear about this??? I'm thinking....NO! What's up w/ that?
And a few days vs. 6 hours...mucho better ;)Miss you too!

Raven:my schedule sounds exhausting??? that's funny...I didn't even mention half of it. lol

Jay: Any time buddy ;)

Dianne: yea...the cycles are maddening for sure.
I'm sure you did hear can get really loud. :) ha ha
And you are soooo worth a mention..cuz your are one special gal!

FF: a french drain is big ol honken drain tubes buried in your back and sometimes side yard to drain off the excess water from rain. It's alot of work but Lovee is dedicated to yard work. he actually exhausts me! I'm like you...I plant flowers and bushes and water stuff and look at all the pretties ;)

ETK: You know how much I love we need to get our Monies worth out of that concrete block ya know! Can't move to Atl job doesn't transfer ;)xo

Diane J Standiford said...

I think my comment got boted, well H with it. Congrats Dianne!

tt said...

diane j- booted? not sure what happened. :(
The other Dianne is great too :)

Michael M. said...

Yep, the frady hole hit my funny bone too.

The yard work is divided among similar lines at our house. Though I 'empowered' my 11 year old to move some sprinkler heads (after I spent a day digging up stumps and other arduous yard work) to accomodate a new fence. She worked into the night. I mentioned to my wife that I was sore and my daughter chimed in: "from what? holding the flashlight while I moved the sprinkers?" Funny girl.

Here's hoping the southern plains are safe for awhile so you can avoid the frady hole!

Talisman said...

I hope your dad is feeling better!

tt said...

Michael M- Yard work is fun...usually... but as you know...ouchie's happen after a few hours. :) 11 yr olds...they're hillarious at that age aren't they?...i had to peek at them when the went to sleep to remind myself why I had them. lol
I think everyone should have a frady hole! Ya'll never know when a biggin' may hit. :)

tali- He's getting some better. thanks!