Monday, May 12, 2008

Hip-hip Horray!!!!!

It worked!!!!!!
Lovee poured my enormously strong pre-medication Sunday evening. :) Worked like a charm! We had a good time actually. Lovee cooked out on the grill, put some baked spuds and salad with that and I'm a happy person.
We got home just in time for the Survivor finale.
My world is good.


Jay said...

A little "medication" and somebody else doing the cooking out on the grill (which cuts down on the dishes that need to be washed) is always a good thing. ;-)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I have to agree with Jay.

I had a little medicine yesterday afternoon, too! And then had a little more while they were at the house! It does make things easier!

Glad you had a good day!

ETK said...

You are tooooooooooooo cute.

CheekyMonkey said...

I love the enthusiasm. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or... maybe that's the booze talkin. :)

tt said...

jay- exactly!

rll- Cheers! 'meds' so the trick don't they! ;)

etk- yea riiight!

Cheeky- Booze?..meds girl, meds!

Jen said...

I will have to try this new form of medication before meeting the in-laws. Though, they don't believe in such medicine. Do you think they'd be able to smell . . . . . er. . . . I mean, tell?

tt said...

jen: Nawww...and if they do just tell them it's your 'medicine''s true ya know....just tell them it's some OTC stuff you bought to relax your muscles... **wink-wink**

Dianne said...

I love when you're happy!!

tt said...

dianne:-- awwww, thanks. me too;)

Talisman said...

*sends subliminal messages to you to update your blog*

Hope things are well with you!

tt said...

talisman:..I'm so lame lately :)
gonna do that today..but first i've gotta go read you ;)