Monday, May 19, 2008

this's and that's...

A lot of the blogs I love, were found by clicking on the comments that people leave on different blogs that I had at the beginning. If I like what they said to whomever, I clicked on them to find out more. I've found so many that fill whatever it is I'm needing at the time. I think that's funny. It's like the Universe knows where I am at and directs me to a blog that fills me up or helps me cope with something. I'd be lost w/o them now. Seriously. Ya'll are my I don't know what to call ya.... soesn't matter I guess. You're mine!

Does that happen to you?

I'm a people person by nature. I like meeting new people and talking with them. Most of the jobs I've had gave me a lot of interaction with the public. Usually that was a good thing but you know how the 'public' can be at times. Ugh! I used to wish I could get a job that didn't require me to have so much 'interaction'. That was usually after someone pissed me off though.

When I decided to quit my job and take care of the parentals I's your chance TT. You won't have stupid people in your face all the won't have to be 'nice' when you don' want won't get sick so much from all the germie people ( ha)...

It'll be a good thing.

Well. guess what? I miss not having a bunch of people to talk to now. Figures huh! We always want whatever it is we can't have don't we. Why is that?'s stupid frustrating. Seems like there is always something off on the horizon that we I want untill I get it. I need to figure 'me' out I guess.

I forgot to liquor myself up medicate Sunday before we went to the parentals. Mom made her usual comment about me being 'quiet' again. it was my Dad's birthday though so i wasn't dreading it as much. He's 83!!! Even he said that's old. I have to agree. Especially when you have so many health issues like them. I made him his favorite Lemon pie. We went to the Outback for dinner ...yummy!!...then home for pie. He's been wanting a cockcoo for a long time so sisterlittle and I and the Mom got him one. He's happy as a clam. ( Are clams happy Monkey?)

God...please take me in my sleep before I get to that stage. That said, I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Oops...

I've got lots of pics to post if I'd ever get Lovee to upload them for me. I've got to make some notes for myself on that. I keep forgetting how to do it. Duh tt!!


Jay said...

I've found lots and lots of my favorite blogs through comments on other people's blogs. They leave a really funny or smart comment and I just have to go over and check them out.

Happy birthday to your dad!

CheekyMonkey said...

1. Figuring yourself out is like getting to the end of the world. A bad idea.
2. What do monkeys have to do with clams? :)
3. we always want greener grass or what "she's" got. That's why. It is what it is... :) neener neener neener.

Anonymous said...

I can help you with the picture thing if you want. On my camera you just open the compartment where the batteries are and there's this tiny little memory card. Not sure what kind of computer you are using though. Mine is a laptop and there's a little drive where I stick the card. It automatically starts to upload the pics. I just label the folder with the date.

If you have any questions, email me. Sometimes camera's come with cords and you can plug it in to upload. I just think the card is easier.

Then I use to upload my pictures and just copy & paste the html code into my blog. I usually edit the code so that the pictures are smaller.

Good luck!

You should post your recipe for that lemon pie.

Also, I used to work w/ people as well and just like you got irritated w/ the public. Now I stay home and don't talk to anyone for hours and hours other than my girls and my online friends. LOL

meno said...

What the hell is a cockcoo??

I call alls y'all my blomies, which freaks my daughter out.

tt said...

jay- that's it exactly..guess that's just how this blog thing works huh...I can't get enough ofyou ya know ;)

Monkey- I shouldn't figure myself out??? Honey, that's been my goal forever! I'm still at it of course. :) ' once said "happy as a clam"..then asked if clams are happy...and I thought my memory was bad. :)

ff- I have a laptop too. I'll try that. We've always uploaded them to our desktop computer...I'm so green with computers...ha

The lemon pie recipe is super easy..I'll post it so everyone can try it. :)

Meno-'s a know the clock with a bird. ha ha...I forget I have spell check.
blomies huh? that's a good one...very creative; which you are so good at! :)

Jen said...

ditto on the comment Jay made!

Yeah, I'm super original today. . . I don't have much, in what you call "the grape" today. Sorry 'bout that.

tt said...

jen- so'k...i know exactly how you feel! Been there. :) btw--welcome back!

Talisman said...

I wonder if it will inflate Jay's ego too much if I say "ditto" as well. But yea, some of the best blogs I've found as comments on other blogs or hitting the "next random blog" on blogger.

Although, I will admit, I'm a bit of a comment junkie. If I hit a new blog and leave a few comments and they never bother to come comment back then blah, screw them. I'm not into 1-sided blog reading. ;) Does that make me a horrible person? LOL

tt said...

Talisman- i completely agree with you on the comment thing. I think we just like to be heard and know it matters. Besides, onesided conversations aren't very fun. I don't blog just to 'hear' myslef talk...I do it for the input I can get from other people. My 'blomies'!!

CheekyMonkey said...

Darling.. I was kidding when I said what do monkeys have to do with clams... Oyoyoy.... what am I gonna do with you Chicka?

13 said...

Auntie when you figure out how to figure ones self out let me know. I'm not sure it can be done. We change too much through life.

And I miss the "work" conversations with you terribly. The pool of subject matter since you left has, shall we say, become shallow.

tt said...

Monkey-- love me anyway. I'mjust a tired Chicka lately :)

13---You're right! we do change
too much so I'm stopping that right now! See..I already changed. ha ha
You will never know how much I miss all those conversations from work!!!! Geez-o-pete....and considering what you've got to 'work' with ...I'm not surprised it's a bit shallow. ;)
Love ya and miss ya awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trkndude299 said...

I agree with you tt.
I'm a noob, so I'm a little slow on the learning curve.

I've learned quite a bit in my very short blogging life.

Aren't Parentals fun??
Oh hell, fun doesn't enter into the scene.
They are the ones who reared us and we owe it to them to reciprocate.

I'm sure I was just a bundle of love peeing all over the place in my early youth.

BTW, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I'm not a good poster, but I try to make interesting posts.

tt said...

trkndude- taking care of parentals is very interesting to say the least! I do feel an obligation, which is one reason I'm doing this, but man!! can sure take it's toll on me. You're welcome about the blogroll :)
Like I said, Lovee was a trucker for a while and he still gets all excited whenever he sees a rig out on the road. So do I for that matter. We just love big rigs and it's interesting to hear about the life of one on the road. :)