Thursday, May 22, 2008

Race weekend is here!!!!! so Mom is being nice?? K.

" since you're so good to come down here on your one day off so often, I think it'll be ok if we skip church this sunday so you can watch your race on TV."
Yep, the Mom really said that today. I was telling her that we may be here late to pick them up and take them to dinner b/c of the Indy 500. She suggested we just watch it here at their house. I'm so proud of myself right now. I said that wouldn't work for me b/c we tried that last year and i missed most of it due to 'people' talking and having to leave at a specific time for dinner. she said she didn't remember that. Hummmm. she asked if I'd like to skip Church and i said....YES> uh-huh...I did that!
did i just grow some 'baubles?"
anywho, I'm just happy that I can stay home and watch it w/o interruptions!!!!!!!
Seriously...i don't even answer the phone during this race! it!!!!


I'm going to a baby shower tonight after I get through here. It's at the bank where I used to work. I'm excited to go so I can visit with everyone and eat some delish food from the local bakery etc. The one bummer is that i was supposed to go with a girlfriend who just called to back out. No big deal. Under normal circumstances anyway. BUT.......this it is....!! For real. She does this every elfing time.!! The only time we made plans that she didn't back out was for my 50th Birthday surprise party. She had asked if I wanted to see a movie that afternoon and I cautiously said ok; thinking the whole time she would back out. But she didn't . I didn't even suspect anything because of it either. I should have but..I'm not normally suspicious.
Anyway............her reason to back out is always the same. She doesn't feel well, she's tired, she has to go somewhere else at the last minute. Hummm. K. Even though I argued (sorta) with Lovee that she was really going to go THIS time...and told everyone at the bank that she really was coming 'this time'....I believed her.
So, all that being said...she'll be on my 'short' list now. My friend still, but not one I'll call and ask anything of or ask her to go somewhere with me. I'm done with that. D.O.N.E.
Now the odd part. She's done this for....Oh...10 years or so! Am I slow or what??? And it's not just me she does it to. Anyone outside her family gets the same treatment.
I just find that fucked up odd.

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CheekyMonkey said...

Eh, it took me 13 years to figure out that my BFF was an asshole. :) Sometimes we just need some time to let it resonate before we can believe it ourselves. Don't fret, just keep on chuggin like you have for the past 10years. BUT, keep her on that short list.

Oh, and go DANICA!!!! WHOOT! IF I call, you BESS Answer woman!