Friday, May 30, 2008


Quote from the mom:

'tt, I think you're smarter than you think you are."

We were watching Millionaire and I answered a few questions she didn't know.

I tried going 55 mph this week. Ya know, it wasn't all that bad. It only added a few more minutes to my drive, which in the morning I could give a shit care less, but the roar of the cars going around me was deafening!!!!! Seriously! There were a few times I almost ducked! I mean my little Suzi-Suvee was getting shoved around by those monster gas guzzlers other vehicles I was sharing the road with, creating gale-force winds............ going 75 and 80!
So, I think I may up it to 60mph just to stay alive.
I'm just sayin' ;)

I just thought I'd do my part to be 'green' and give it a go.
I know I won't see a lot of difference at the pump but I'm fine with that. I just really hated the 'ducking' part.


ETK said...

I think you ARE smarter than you (she) think(s).


LOVE YOU! That's crazy about going 55 though, you're gonna get yourself killed. Please don't do that in the ATL when you get there. OK? Think about how much gas you'll save when you get to the ATL and don't have to drive ANYWHERE. AT ALL.

Brad said...

Give me the access road any day of the week and I'll stay off the highway with all of it's freaks -

Jay said...

The thing I hate about trying to go 55 is it feels so slow. I feel like I'm never going to get to wherever I'm going. And it's boring. LOL

But, you do definitely save gas by slowing down a bit.

tt said...

etk- I know...55 is just scarey! Can't wait for GA!!

Brad- I'm so with you on that!!! There are some crazy-ass-freaks out there. AND...they don't give 2 sh*ts about saving $$ either. lol

Jay- it does feel slow doesn't it!! That's another reason for me to stop this stupid experiment...that and feeling like a 'duck'. lol

CheekyMonkey said...

Ditto Beth. :) Smarty pants.

55? They make speed limits that slow?