Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Early morning rambling grape squishers

1. I HATE having my picture taken. All I see is my Mom...not me. and my smile is way crooked. Not to mention I'm a wee bit too fluffy for my eyes to handle.

2. Mom was smiling from ear to ear yesterday. Why? Because I was back. Lovee says I'm their security blanket. Probably so.

3. I had a dream the other night that my Dad died. In the dream he told my Uncle " If you're hurting this much you might as well be dead" he died.

4. Brought the Parentals up to see the finished tile project....they've been anxious to see it. That's all they talked about yesterday. Seriously. That and what's our next project going to be.
Made me tired just thinking about it. My fingernails are just beginning to adjust.

5. Christmas is almost here. Have I shopped? No. Pfft.....................

6. I get my tatah's squished Monday. life is full of fun times.

7. People drive realllly fast in Chicago.

8. I get quiet if I'm out of my comfort zone. Must not happen very often b/c I just realized this. I'm how old?????

9. I'm going to be a greatgrandma in November! Seriously. # 1 sons-first wife's oldest son is going to be a Daddy. Yep...I live in Oklaeffinghoma. Life is grand. Really...I'm excited.

10.My back is killing me this morning. I have Degenerative Disk Desease. Pain pills aren't an option when I'm in the 'Beck and Call Girl" mode. SHITFUCKDAMN It's gonna be a looooooonnnggggggggggg day.

11. ETK and her sweetie are going on vacay to the Grand Canyon with our #2 son and his lovely, Alli today. We LOVE the GC!! Lovee and I went there for something anniversary.

12. Our 35th wedding anniversary is this month!!!! The 29th! Woo-hoo!!!!!!
And 'they' said it wouldn't last. Ha! Fooled them huh!

13. I don't like this number.,..silly I know.

14. Our neighbors to the south........suck!

15. I've gotta go.......Dad plays golf on Wednesdays....( I cute is that!)

16. Where the heck did R.E.H. go anyway ? It totally bugs me that he seems to have been swallowed up somewhere. I hate loose ends.

Have a good 'humpty' day ya'll.
Remember to think good thoughts.........
it's all good if you wake up on this side of the grass. ;)


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you photograph so beautifully though!
35 years, yeow!!!!! congrats!
and hey, maybe some stories about your neighbors?

Farmer*swife said...

Don't like having your picture taken? Me either. I always end up with my face contorted.

Um...FYI? There are some party Gals that apparently took a lot of pictures of you (in a bar, and some other places) and they plastered them on their blogs.

So, um. About the picture thing? Good thing you photograph well!

Happy Wednesday! [Hump-DIGGITY]

CheekyMonkey said...

Hmm... I'm guessing #7 is directed at me. :) it's okay, I'm not afraid.

And you're gorgeous, so shutup.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Hey...I'm your neighbor to the South!!!!

I've wondered about REH, too. He had that girl. And she was moving, then poof.

You have a great day, too!

Dana said...

Ha! Had to laugh at #7! One thing you learn about Chicago - if the speed limit is 55 and you are doing anything less than 70 (assuming the traffic isn't at a standstill) you had better be in the slow lane, or prepare yourself for tailgating, honking and flashing brights!

Anonymous said...

In some of my pictures, I see my mother. I didn't used to see it at all and it freaks me out. I didn't think i looked like that woman at all.

Wow at what Dana said about the Chicago driving! Glad I don't live there. LOL

tt said...

GR:My neighbor is, simply put...a lazy pig...and that's her Nicer qualities. Nuff said about that. I don't want to waste my typing skills talking about least not today lol..
yea..35 yars...bumping uglies with the same guy! LMAO!! ( did I say that?)

FW: yea..those gals were warned too. Hussies! I'll get them back one day...of course I'm also glad they didn't post ALL of them..OY!!

CM: Hey hussy!!! lol- I'm not afraid least now that I'm back here and you're' Pffttt:) xo

RLL: I love my 'state' neighbors to the south...just not the ones I see every elfing day with trash in their yard and weeds 7 elfing feet tall and a swimming pool that's green with gunk and breeding mosquitos.
:)...You...I LOVE. seriously.
And REH...does anyone understand it or have a theory?

Dana: Seriously....I'm not afraid...except in that traffic!! Lordie....a couple times I thought I might need to bend over and kiss my ass goodbye....And speed limit...there is one?? Do you people know that?? lol

ff: Sometimes it's not so bad to look like the Mom...other just makes me wonder where I went. Curious.

Charlene said...

tt~~resting a bit before i get back to getting ready for dad to come home in the morning~~i appreciate you so much~~

it's going to be a rough few days

i've got a hnt of daddy's hands up~

MMH said...

My anniv is the 29th too! Hopefully we'll be celebrating our 35th 32 years from now.

Farmer*swife said...

GASP. I have my Mom's hands. First time I realized that I choke on my own spit! Oh well.

Just poppin' in to see the most recent update -- but, it's not here yet! ;-)

Thanks for following me so closely and always having something to say!!!!

YAY! Happy Thursday!!!

Dianne said...

you are gorgeous in all photos!!

I just caught up on all the posts and cool photos

I love you!

Ginni Dee said...

I think your photos are adorable!! And you're right about Chicago drivers!!

Love this type of post!

Diane J Standiford said...

35yr--CON super grats! STOP!!! partner alread bought and gave "us" our gift--a great Atlas, but NO, frost not even on our Seattle pumpkins yet!! LOL