Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Lighter side of life...:)

Guess who made me dinner yesterday????? Uh-huh....Lovee! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! A big ol fat juicy roast,spuds and carrots... a man in the kitchen..just makes ya feel loved doesn't it!Thought I'd show you the finished product of our kitchen redo...a wee actually started the beginning of the year....but now it's DONE!!! I've got Monkey valences....:)....and on the window seat that Lovee built....old 'red handle' stuff on the other treasures and junk , the new beadboard Lovee put on the wall and you can see some of the tile.

I found this on the table yesterday. Our Anniversary is soon and it just drives him nucking futs to have a gift for me and not give it....ha ha....this wasa Brighton charm's got a purse,martini bling glass,ladybug, a 'T' with a heart on the bottom, a teardrop with a dove and peace. Wayyyyyyyyyy cool and groovy! He loves me something awful and I'm the happiest woman around....
This is a closer version....he wrote me a'll have to squint to read it. ;)....

And Sunshine gal came over for dinner thursday.....i had to take a picture of her bad self!! Lawdy...she's getting so dang skinny....she's down 30 POUNDS!~~~ Seriously!! Hussy. She's a cutie pie though! ...with big dimples ...

I had to take a pic of her and Lovee too......she's such a Daddy's girl. Hummmmmmm, wonder where she got that??.....ha ha

Thank all of you who commented about my Daddy post. Some days are easier ya know....some days just beat me to the ground. It's all good though. I've been at this for about a year and a half and I'm finally coming to terms with it. I'm a slow learner.
but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything....
Well............maybe a gieffingnormous bar of Chocolate..............maybe?...with nuts maybe...possibly......lemme think about it for a while


Farmer*swife said...

Awwwww. Been wonderin' where your posts were.

Awwww. Dangit' Couldn't read the note. Crap-diddly!

And, how totally awesomely thoughtful the charm bracelet with each charm was.....gasp. Can, he talk to my sweet DH for an extra lesson?

Mine thinks flowers and following/chasing me with booze does the trick. It's nice...but, yada yada....

Oh, forget. I got Macxine. LOL!

Oh, frame that pic of your Sweet Beautiful Sunshine and your Fab Tastically handsome Lovee!!!

You are a lucky Gal. But, we get what comes to us from what we put out there.... [smiley-wink]

typin, in the dark!

Happy Sunday!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the kitchen.. and the bracelet is awesome

tt said...

FW: I hope you're feeling mucho better!!! Got real busy and couldn't find the time to blob....ugh...I hate when that happens.
Got the frames for the pics...aren't they the cutest?!She's my perky gal...always has sunshine on her face.
Lovee still chases me with flowers and booze....the chase doesn't last too long tho...we're pushin the age limit for that stuff don't cha know...I usually just give up...ha ha

Queen: thanks gal....I'm lovin them too. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, great pics! Congrats to sunshine gal on the weightloss! What's her trick? I'm stuck!!!

Glad to see you back. :)

Dianne said...

I love all that sunlight just washing over the table, what a great room!!

Lovee is a cutie but you know that don't ya.

And sunshine girl looks beautiful

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Awesome bracelet. Prince Charming is not nearly as thoughtful... he's like "What do you want?" or "Here's some money!"... lol... but I don't complain, I just point him in the direction of te nearest Zales jewelry store!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I love the little redspoon crock next to the fridge!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a nice family you have there and a gorgeous kitchen. It would make me happy too.

KPChicago said...

The remodel looks great the Daddy story before it gave me goosebumps.
I am so proud you came to my city and got to meet my family and hang out. Be well and take really deep breathes-- we need them to live.

Jen said...

I love the new kitchen! Sunshine looks so fabulous! Hard work doing what she did as well as the remodel you and Lovee did!

Congrats to everyone!

CheekyMonkey said...

I LOVE your kitchen. MMmmjelous I think. that tile is beyootiful. Yeah, I'm totally jealous.

And your Sunshine girl is gorgeous! Look at that smile..sheesh...

I'd say go without nuts. It's not a nuts day.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Happy Anniversary! (early)

Handsome...thoughtful AND HE COOKS! What a catch he is!!!

Love the kitchen! It's gorgeous!

tt said...

fw: Sunshine's trick to weight loss? Little to no carbs! Like. 20 a day!!Seriously. She was pre diabetic due to her PCOS condition, her body wouldn't break down carbs strict diet...she says it's really hard but she's getting used to has to become a complete lifestyle for her now. Glad to be back! :)

dianne: thanks gal! She is a beaut! And sunshine makes me smile..all of my sunshines :)

fairy tale princess: Zales is a great direction to be pointd in. Lovee rarely asks anymore...he just knows me and actually listens..hummmm, what a concept..right?

hey dude!! I LOVE my crock stuff...totally makes me smile when I see them...the beagle is too cute.

Auntie K!:!!!!
Hola bitches!!!!! ha ha ha have no idea how much fun it was to hang out with you and yours!!! I'm just lovin' you two to pieces!!! Freathing is deffinitely on my todo list! :)

Jen: thanks babe. I'm still worrying on you a bit. Keep the corners of the mouth turned up...k?

CM: No nuts?? Seriously?? ;)
Yea...sunshine girl is fab. You'd totally love her. You both have perfect smiles. Glad you like the kitchen...personally, I LOVE yours...but that's just me being you only later not now. lol

rll: Yea, he rocks! Not sure what i did to deserve such a catch...but I'm glad he took the bait! Thanks for the congrats...I'm going to post a 'how we met' story on the 29th. Should be interesting.

ETK said...

Ohhh - that sunshine! What a hussy! Bitch! Skinny Bitch!

I miss you! Maybe you and Cheeky (and dianne) need to plan a trip to the ATL?!?! HUH?

tt said...

etk: Ain't she sunthin!! Hussy!!!!
another trip???? OMG...could the parentals handle that??? Could my budget???? Before Christmas???? I'm seriously doubting that, we've got to wait until dianne gets her parts fixed...seriously...she's broken remember???
But...we seriously need to plan something for sometime...because:



Anonymous said...

A warm, cozy kitchen and beautiful family - what more could you ask for?

Congrats to Sunshine, I know it is hard work. Your Lovee has such a loving and gentle smile. He is a Keeper!! But you knew that already. ;)

tt said...
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tt said...

kc: yep, he's my keeper. I think I'll just stay content...:)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

maybe beauty isn't everything, but you're a beautiful family

tt said...

Gary: thanks big guy! It's what's in the hearts that count.

Diane J Standiford said...

What a handsome bloke! Now I see why you are glowing!!

tt said...

djs: thanks gal!!