Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pics of Love!!! you can see, although don't look too close cuz it's late and I'm looking a wee bit rough and have 'hairfuck' ..;) Lovee surprised me yet again!! I have some new 'bling' hanging from my ears and neck!!!! RUBIES!!!! My birthstone....and my final anniversary present. I know....our anniversary isn't until the 29th of October....but Lovee....he just can't sand to wait. Am I upset about that?? Hell NO!!
these are the earrings! There are 2 hearts. Lovee said his heart was on top of my larger heart...I beg to's as plain as the freckles on my face who has the larger heart....I don't really care...I see 2 hearts...OURS!!

This is the necklace. Rubies encircling a diamond heart. Wanna know what he said when he gave this one to me? Of course you
he said I captured his heart when we met 35 years ago!!!!!!!! Does it get any better than that??? Not in my book.

This is a pic of the two of them....they came in these cute velum bags w/ red tissue paper...Lovee and I both love red. Hummmmmmm...go figure. :)

Another surprise was this black 'paint' box he gave me yesterday. Seriously!!! he's just full of surprises. He just marches his handsome self into the Ulta stores all the time. No joke. You should see him whenever I or Sunshine need to go Bra shopping.....lemme tell ya....he's the 'gogetmethissize' guy...and never bats an eye and even chooses others....anywhoodle...
He knows what a Paint and Spackle whore kind of gal I am...and indulges me.
I find myself wondering just what I did to be so lucky. I know we're both just makes me wonder...
That's my guy!
He loves me awful!!
I love him awful..........forever and always.


Farmer*swife said...

He is Super Uber sweet! Oh my Gosh! I have a good and great DH...but, he misses sometimes in the all of that!

I mean he does some of that.... But, that's a whole lotta' that! And, the bra thing! Too cute! Love Men like that!

[DH had to do the deed. 14-15 years together and he had to pick up the...lady...ruby red week...stuff. He moaned a sec....then, sighed. Then, called me from the store because he was lost in that section! LOL!]

But, still no rubies. Sure the red sea departed? But left me no rubies.

Oh Cheeze and Rice. I'm thinkin' I'm all emailin ya' and I'm up here in bloggie world....Ooops.

Anyhow. HOW AWESOME! SEE? All the good works you do? Ins and Outs of the day? Yep!

Happy Early Anniversary and a Sweet Hump-Diggity Day!


Farmer*swife said...

I just sighed again. It's not about the what'nots he bought you?

It's about the thought that went into them? And, the little poetic tokens that went with.

[tear, happy tear] Y'all are awesome to strive for!

I {heart} y'all! And, I {heart} you just for You, of course!


Jay said...

Those are very nice!

And I just noticed the "64 days until Christmas" widget on your sidebar. YIKES! That's not much time!

Dianne said...

you two are so f'ing lovely
it really makes me sick
it's unatural

I have that black train case with all the levels of war paint
how cool is that

tt said...

FW: Yep...I totally agree....the gifts he bought are just the icing on the cake for me. I told him HE was the most important 'gift' I could ever have. Seriously. but his thoughtfulness...still amazes me.
And ...what have i got him??? Nuthin! yep....I'm stumped. SFD!

Jay: Yikes is right! Better start making your list dude!

dianne: It's something...I agree..we're just sick! I've waited for 35 years for my bubble to pop...thank God it hasn't.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I was thinking that since you are one of my distant cousins, TT, that makes Lovee my cousin-in-law and THAT IS FANTASTIC because he is obviously a kindly guy. I have to say, that jewelry is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great pile of gifts! You are loved. :)

tt said...

Gary: yep....he is a kindly guy...must run in the family ;)

FF: loved and spoiled a wee bit I think...he still takes my breath away...with or without gifts!

Real Live Lesbian said...

You spoiled brat, you!!!!

Those are gorgeous!!!!

I love to hear stories of Lovee. What a sweetie he is!

Jen said...

I think the best bit of all your gifts is the thoughts that he put into picking out something that reminded him of you! You can't get more romantic than that. It's all beautiful - every gift has a bit of you as well as him in it.

35-years and still madly in love! I can't wait for the day I can say the same!

CheekyMonkey said...

He is just the sweetest thing out there, I swear!!! And how did you get so lucky? Fate, my dear. Fate. Don't mess with Fate, she's the sister of Karma and the kids of Mother Nature.

I love the gifts and the stories, he's so damn sweet!!! I can't wait to some day meet that man. Think he'd be freaked if I squeezed him?

Anonymous said...

Dear TT,, is it ok that I think I love your Lovee? I mean it leaves hope that there really are good men out there for the ladies....If there is one out there like the Lovee,, surely he taught some others,,, and these young girls I watch walking around with total asswipes.. will find their very own lovee...

I love to see how he treats you... As Cletus treats me,, (sorry I'm a guns and ammo girl,, so that's what I get,,) I do have a couple nice braclets that he gave me.. (but I look kinda stupid wearing them while hunting,, so they stay in the safe)

GIRLIES.... LOOK AT T.T AND LOVEE... THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE AIMING FOR... ride on now girls... they are out there..

HAPPY Anniversary.. to two very lucky people.....

CheekyMonkey said...

P.S. you're so beyoootiful.

tt said...

rll: spoiled a wee bit...but I'd take him w/o the gifts!! He's a keeper.

Jen: exactly!!! He is very thoughtful....You two will make it there too...:) With wonderful stories too.

CM: I love your take on karma..where do you get these ideas??? He wouldn't freak at all!! He'd squeeze you right back and start the spoilin'!!! Seriously!!!
I honestly don't get the 'beautiful' thing....seriously!My Mom won't crack any mirrors...but that's all I see when I see me....old and cracked. I wish I could see myself through Lovee's eyes. dreams..

Queen:I do share my Lovee with people...when i have sharing you understand...Cletus is like Lovee I'm thinking...we get stuff we like..or what they THINK we'd all comes down to the thought. period!
Yea...I feel for some girls...they settle, and one should never settle! EVER!!!

Brad said...

I wouldn't say your lucky - I'd say deserving. Lovee knows he got a hec of a deal when he got you.

I'm sorry for being such a bad blogger - I am SO far behind - it seems like every time I make it back here I'm behind on 5 of your posts! I'll have to catch up with you later from home. My 'being paid to blog' days seem to be far and few between these days.


Sunshine said...

They're beautiful ma!! Just be happy I'm not living there because I'd be borrowing your stuff! :)

tt said...

brad: no problems big guy! WE all get so too! ugh!
I think Lovee and I both got a sweet deal!
Have a good weekend babe!

Sunshine: Well then ...just come on'll be here. :)

KPChicago said...

tt--you are awesome and that hubby of yours picked right--when he picked you and those rubies.
no worries about 'pimpin' me out-- i'm proud you were excited and proud to be part of the blog world now---with posts like these and the others i'm catchin on-- i'll be in better company than i have in a long time. happy anniversary! sister (with a k not a c) loved meeting you and was so proud of me for having real live fun friends!

Diane J Standiford said...

My oh my, he IS a keeper!

Gin said...

You are so adorable!!! And your presents are wonderful...especially the earrings and necklace! You definitely have a keeper there! You're both very lucky!!