Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sads and happys = life :)

Where do my days go???????
Just wanted to thank everyone for their lovely comments. Ya'll totally rock!
My friends funeral was yesterday. Lord that was hard. Her Mom hugged me so tight....it squeezed out more tears. We sit with her every Sunday in church...and I always give her a hug and smooch....I'm thinking those will take on a different meaning from now on. My friends son...who looks just like her btw...talked about how she was a loving and beautiful person....her life...and how she'll be missed. Her daughter read a poem. Beautiful. I honestly don't know how they did it. Such an outpouring of love. I felt it hit my heart. I saw sunshine .
I had a hard time finding my mo-jo yesterday. So I just went with the tide. Some days are like that.

On to brighter things :)
Lovee's and my 35 wedding anniversary is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And what have I got for Lovee? NOTHING!!!!! I know.....TT, get busy.
I have ideas, but the bulk of it may have to wait for a payday. :(

Hope you like reading ' how me met' stories...........cuz that's in the works. I'm in need of happy thoughts and that is at the top of my list right now.

I'm off to paint and spackle now. I was headed in that direction..actually just washed my face when the phone rang. It was my Sunshine gal..........she sang me the 'goodmorning' song. She's such a bright spot in my life....not sure what I did to deserve such a loving and caring gal...but I'm just going to roll with it. She's an old soul for sure.

Happy Tuesday ya'll! Let's make it count!


Dianne said...

let's hear it for the old souls!

I think you should paint and spackle with some glitter and then wrap yourself in pretty paper with a giant bow

that's all Lovee needs

I know you're going to be a wonderful comfort to your friend's Mom.

It just comes naturally with you.

Real Live Lesbian said...

You know what? I was wondering if I'd missed how you two love birds met! Glad that's coming up. I can't wait to read all about it!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

would I sound silly if I said you are just such a darling???
and me, for my anniversary? my missus could give me striped socks or a six pack, that is what makes me happy! (maybe Lovee has different tastes though....)

Farmer*swife said...

Awwwww, I love the Good Morning song!

I sing it often too, as a wake up to the youngins. But, I don't think I know all the words...

"Good Morning, GOOOOOOD MOOOOO-ooor-oorning..." That's all I know.

What a great Sunshine Gal!!!!

Happy Anniversary!

[Oh, make him a card with a coupon for a "full" body massage!] ;-)

CheekyMonkey said...

Woohoo!! It's Tuesday for Pete's sake!

Not sure what that means, but whatever. Thanks for the update and I can NOT wait to hear how you two soul mates met! I need the deets lady!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on 35 yrs! :)

meno said...

35 years? Judging from your picture, you must have gotten married when you were 6. :)

tt said...

dianne: ya know...I did that wayyyy back when for Christmas one year when we were REAL poor! :)
I may have to resort to that again..:)he did like it...maybe since he's needing glasses....we'l see. lol

rll: the wait is almost over. i hope you'll enjoy it..if not...SFD..I won't be meeting anyone else!!

Gary: he'd be happy with nothing actually....but he's given me sooo much that I'm feeling a wee bit of pressure...I know it's silly, but I'm silly. :)
And i think you and the missus are darling too! Seriously!!!!!

FW: One day I'll put the words to the song on my blog for ya...i think 'Barney' sings something simular...
He'd love the massage...great idea!!!!!!!!

CM: stay tuned babe. Not sure anyone will appreciate it like we do but...it is what it is..right? and we all know..I'm not afaid!!!

tt said...

FF: thanks babe! :) it's been quite a ride!

Meno: As soon as I get your address I'll send you the 20 bucks!!!
You're sweet. I was a child bride of sorts...19 is still young yes?

Gin said...

35 years is just wonderful! Congrats to you both!!

Sometimes going with the flow is the best way to go. I know how hard it can be to get thru, some days.

Brad said...

OOoooooo!!!! I can't wait to hear that story! Don't keep us hanging too long! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Tell Lovee to kiss you for me!

Jay said...

Sorry about your friend.

And Happy Anniversary!! 35 years!? Loooooooong time!

tt said...

ginni: thanks babe! You are my inspiration many times :)

Brad: I did and he did...lol
thanks babe!

Jay: thanks big guy! It is a long time...but not long enough!

Anonymous said...

happy 35th my dear,,,

and see,, I'm not the only one that thinks you look way younger than you are telling us... want to tell us your secret?

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Happy Anniversary 1 hour early!!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL day and many many more years to come!!

tt said...

Queen: fortunately you just can't see me closeup..lol
Thanks gal! happy trip!!!

FP:thanks sweets...enjoy your visit with the queen!