Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Save your tatas!!

I don't think I have an original thought bone in my I'm going to follow the crowd this time and go PINK.

We've got to be mindful of the Big C.

And in honor if the occasion....I'll share a little something with ya'll.
I haven't had a mamo since I was 34!! Seriously. That was.....hummm, a long time ago. ;)
I've now got one scheduled for later this month
I'm gonna bite the bullet and go get squished.
Better to bite that bullet than one more serious. Right?

Schedule your please.


Farmer*swife said...

OMG Yes! You Beauty Queen! And, you lead the way! And, set the pace! And, tell your lovely child to support and encourage the same too! [I forget his nickname? And, I think you have one of both? Shame on me......but I love the nick-names!!]

Love the pink too! Gosh, I was just days late of missing the pink -- and, I went all green. Phlewp!

You are so awesome? You know that right?

Happy Hump-Diggity Night!

Diane J Standiford said...

Good for you! I am an ovarian cancer survivor. Not good tests, but a CA125 blood test is best we have. Give a tad of blood while you are there. Caught early--ovarian C is not a death sentence.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, making your appointment!

I do my monthly self-checks, but ever since the all-clear after my hysterectomy, I am only required to go in every 2 years for a pap.
This is my month to make THAT appointment.

tt said...

FW: I have so many urchins I can hardly keep track! lol
Thanks for feeding my ego..;)

DJS:You my dear are a survivor of many things!!! YOU educate the masses with your blog on various topics and ...I very much appreciate it and YOU!!

KC: I'm a wee bit slow in making that appt....20 years or so slow...yikes!! but when I finally make up my mind it happens. I'm sure you'll remember to make your appt...most people are better than I am about that....pfft...:)

Happy day to all of you!!!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Hey TT, just let me know if you need any help with those self exams! LOL

Get yourself squished or I'm coming to squish 'em for ya!


How's that for a threat!? LOL

Knight said...

I have never had a mamo. I'm 25, when am I supposed to start? I get the physical exam by my dr. but I never really asked when I'm supposed to start the squishing machine. Good for you for setting a date. That is what this is all about.

CheekyMonkey said...

I think they say 30 or 35 is when you should start getting checked. Haven't gone yet. Mostly cuz my big bewbies are gone since the monkey. Got nothin to squish... I know, I know. Go squish the skin. I will, I will.

tt said...

Knight: like Cheekymonkey's recommended to start it at age 35. You've got a bit of time before you have to do that. :) Unless...there's a history in your family of Breast Cancer...then you might want to do it sooner.

RLL: You made me blow milk bubbles out my nose!!!! I was eating my cereal when I read your comment. ha ha ha ha ha
Usually Lovee does the checking for me...**wink** but if he needs some assistance I'll let you know ...firt! lol

Brad said...

Well. Done. You. !

I'm glad your scheduled.

Don't let the men in your life off the pink hook either - guy need to be mindful of it too!

Alli said...

At least by age 40 for regular screening mammo's, unless you have a family history, then recommend earlier.

And if you are 50, go get your colonoscopy, too!

Yes, SAVE THE TATAs!!! :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

YES, be healthy TT.

Jen said...

TT I had a mammogram last year - my 1st one (I was 36). I am to schedule another this year (breast cancer runs in my family). It wasn't bad - the squishing didn't even hurt; I mean, it was uncomfy, but not as bad as I'd been told for 36 years of my life!

The technician asked me about that and responded with, "tell all your friends to come get a mammogram!" I am, I will and I do!


tt said...

brad: You got it guy! Lovee is always after me to get things like this done...Of course I get after him too. :) He's just as important !

Alli: You're the one in the know for sure. You, bless your heart, deal with the big C everyday with your job. Bless your heart.
The colonoscopy....Dad had his....I'm procrastinating on this one....sorry....I just can't find the time...rather , I just haven't made the time. Hopefully I'll get some 'nerves' for Christmas and I'll just do it. :)

Gary: you too big guy! And the Missus too!!!

Jen: Horray for you!!! I heard it's not as bad as it used to be. That's nice. I'm not exactly dreading it...guess it's just a wee part of life that's not as fun as like......eating chocolate maybe??

Sunshine said...

Well it's about damn time Mom!! :) Glad to see you're getting squished! I have another 10 years before I have to go through that. Yay!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

TT darlin', where are ya? Yer missed!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Yeah, just checkin' on you! You are missed!