Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Grape dumping on the light side

Let's see...where to begin?

Got together with my BFF Friday evening after 'work'. The company she works for has a corporate house so we met there. She brought dinner from our fav restaurant AND dessert!!!! We just spent time together, talking and laughing...sharing....leaking....quality time. Our evening started about 6:45. The next time I noticed the time it was about 11pm. The next time we looked, it was about 2 AM!!!! Saturday morning.... Seriously!! We've always been that way. Ever since we were 16. We can talk for hours about everything and nothing. Fortunately, there were no adult beverages involved so only getting about4 hours sleep wasn't too bad the next morning. I did manage to get in a wee nap in the afternoon...for about an hour....then hit the rack about 8 that night. Pooped. lol..........That makes 2 Fridays in a row for me to be up waayyyyyy later than my body likes. I gotta allow for fun times time limits on that.
And just for the record....she gets me! I'd be lost without her.

Yesterday I got to add plumber to my Beck andCall girl resume'. The handle on the downstars toilie has been wacky for a while now....I finally broke it all the way yesterday. At least that's what the Mom said. So...what does an uberly skilled B&C do??? Goes to Lowe's and buys a handle. Yep........I think the Mom was scared. She kept telling me to call Lovee to do it. but, did I? hell no!!!! I do have a brain....I'm capable of doing some things I don't normally do. Hello!!!
I told her if I couldn't fix it, it would only be because I don't have a lot of strength in my hands. but guess what?? I did it!!!! I did the happy dance and 'woo-hoo'd' myself.
so, take that MOM! ha

I forgot to tell you....the other day when Lovee gave me an early anniversary present...the bracelet...he also gave me some new smelly. Well, we call it'd probably call it cologne. lol Love it!!!!!
And then this morning, before he left for work, he gave me ANOTHER present. I tell ya...that man is doing some major spoiling on me. This time it's some more Paint and Spackle!! He loves shopping at Ulta and has managed to supply me with so much'll take years for me to use it all up!! Seriously!!! It's in a black case and if full of gorgeous colors. OOO la-la!
I'm a 'container' person. I love containers. Boxes of all shapes and that odd??? hummm.........don't care.
Paint and boxes.....can't go wrong there.

My sweet gal, ETK and her love, had to call their Grand Canyon vacay short. They were there with # 2 son and his lovely, Alli. A death in the family. Sadness. Such sadness.

It's raining here today. That means Dad won't be golfing. Mom will be relieved b/c she has a 'pain' Dr. appt. today and she was afraid it would interfere with me picking Dad up. You know...she's not happy unless she's got something to worry about. Well, chicken biskets....that means she won't be happy today....nothing to worry about.........Oh wait....yes she's raining...that means all her achy spots will be hurting really bad and she'll worry about that. Thank goodness.........we gotta keep her happy...don't cha know.

Gotta new paint set is calling me.
Pics of the case..........later.
Happy hump day!! ;) yea, I'm bad like that


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

happy happy HAPPY day to you too!

Farmer*swife said...

Happy Humpdiggity! You are so silly!

Hat boxes! Ooooh. Really nice. But, I don't wanna' keep and store them all the time. If I bought them to put gifts in? I'd never really gift them.

Jen said...

Awww. . . the husband can never keep gifts from me either. He gets and immediately gives!

Happy Anniversary (whenever it is)!

CheekyMonkey said...

Yur spoiled, bitch. Mwaah, you deserve it!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I love hearing about your friends! Lucky girl you are to have them!

As for Lovee...I adore that he spoils you so!

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

1) You're spoiled
2) You're a call girl?
3) Happy Humping... ROTFLMAO!!

You kill me!

tt said...

Gary: happiness's to youz two too;)

FW: Yes!! Hat boxes are fab!! anybox container..whatver..maybe I like them cuz I need to be contained??? or maybe it's b/c my brain has so many storage boxes...i dunno ;)

jen: thanks kiddo. Gift giving is fun...for me AND him!

CM: yes I am hussy!! Don't tell him though...mkay? xo

rll: I love that he spoils me too..:) and my friends..including my 'blobie' friends are the bestest!! You're in that mix too don't cha know!!

RLFP: Dang you catch on quick girl!!! Works for me! :)

Ginni Dee said...

I get such a kick out of your blog. Happy Humping....wahahahahahha

Sunshine said...

LMAO! Ma you're too much :)You know - if it wasn't for your blog I might not get to see this side of you... and that would be a shame :)

tt said...

ginni: we gotta have fun right?? :)

Sunshine: What???? we've been knee-walking-comode-hugging-drunk together...what 'side' haven't you seen??? At least I think that was
you talking about the snide-whatever-fuckallya'll side???
It's finally growed up...I don't have to behave anymore....Hot damn!!!

Diane J Standiford said...

Dagnabit if I don't always miss hump day. If only I were a camel...