Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random pics from the past :)

year 1995- Quantico Va. FBI National Academy...Lovee graduates!!! Me. Lovee, SIL( and FBI Agent!! )year 2003- Renewing our vows in Vegas!!! He asked again and I said yes...again!!

year 1973- The Christmas he surprised me!!!( I never have liked to have my picture taken) Don't cha love the trash can??!!

year 1995- Our last Marine Corps Birthday Ball.......Cherry Point, NC

year 1992- marine Corps Ball San Antonio,Tx

year 1977- Babyboy's first Christmas...and I was preggers with Sunshine girl :)

year 1979-Camp Pendleton Ca-2 kids down and ready to join Lovee in Okinawa....Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I sent him this picture to tantalize

year 1973- Lovee and me...Honeymoon is over and he's leaving :(

year 1973- We're engaged.....Tulsa, Ok


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

What a gorgeous couple and you, are and were a beautiful young woman.

Dana said...

These are FABULOUS!!

CheekyMonkey said...

I love it! I love love love your photos!!! Seeing the two of you back in the day... Ugh, chills! Isn't it great that the man loves you so much he'd marry you twice!?!?! Not surprising...

Jay said...

Great pics! I love family pics like these! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! You were and are a beautiful lady. :) What a happy life you've led!

Anonymous said...

Fun pics. Don't guys just look so very handsome in uniform? :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously I'm beginning to get spacey tonight: I failed to mention how happy & in love you both look!

Gin said...

The one thing I notice about the photos of you can see the love in every single one of them! You are both just adorable!!

tt said...

Gary: thanks guy!!

Dana: a blast from the past for sure...can you believe that coat??

CM: he asked me while he was driving OTR....we were apart a lot then...he missed me! :)

jay: thanks big buy!!

KC: YES!!!! I always wasa sucker for a guy in uniform!! Thanks!

FF: yes, I've been very lucky...not sure how that happened...but I'm just going to roll with it ;)

Ginni: we do love each other....glad it shows. Thanks

Anonymous said...

ah how i do remember the long red hair...Love ya, your favoriate squid.

ETK said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 THOSE PHOTOS ARE SO FANTASTIC!! Wow!!! :) Seriously! I love love love seeing them. You two are just the most adorable couple in the world.

Honestly, I am not kidding or blowing smoke up your ass at all: if Baby and I can be half as happy as you two and have a marriage just half as filled with love, I'll be a very very very lucky woman.

amy said...

Those are some fun pictures. I love the picture of you in the pink pants. So cute.

tt said...

Anon: thanks Squiddly!! xoxoxo

ETK: I love it when you blow smoke up my ass....why quit now:) xoxo

Amy: thanks kiddo:) thanks for the visit too!