Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lookie!!! Lookie!!! it's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what was sittng on our table when I got home tonight????? Yep!!!!! My package from Gary the Potterman!!!!!! crock is here. Plus a couple extra tidbits thrown in just because Gary is the greatest Potterman in the UNIVERSE!!! Lovee did the honors of snapping a few pics for me to share. If you'll look out our window there on the'll see the bird sanctuary that Lovee and I's hard to see....I'll have to get a better pic of that for sure. Need to take care of our feathered friends too.:)
Of course the first pic is of the box.... duh tt...

This pic is all about the tape. Seriously....they guy LOVES tape. It took me several minutes to cut through all the tape on the OUTSIDE!! Gary, you got stock in tape??? It always helps if the tongue is sticking out....evidently....
Yep...still trying to get into the box................I was determined that's for sure!!!!

Ta-dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inside was a note from Gary...awwwww....he's so sweet.... I'm not sure who the fluffy lady is in these can't be Moi!!!

And here's My Precious!!!! The Beagle on the top is fabulous....just like Penny!

One of my surprises was one of those wee little pots! Soooo cute....I'm wondering if toothpicks will fit in there....I'm just thinking about it cuz I don't have any....Lovee had an accident in the garage with ours. don't ask!!! snickersnort

'And still another surprise!! Pig on a Pin in a Pig on a pencil... yea, that's it. Soooooo cute! I did a little 'Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'....just for Farmer*s Wife :)

And, what's in here???? My spoon rest of course!!!!!!!!!!! Only took me 2 or 3 minutes to get that opened. Geesh....the man LOVES tape. Were you afraid it would escape from the box???? teehee ;) More tongue action.....I didn't realize I did that so often. Most of the pics Lovee took I had my damn tongue out..What's with that???? who knows............

And viola!!!!!!!!!! The final products!!! Crock with Beagle , that would be a cock for Dianne :) spoon rest, wee pot and oinker on a pencil!!

did I make a haul or what???????

I LOVE THEM..LOVE THEM...........LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Gary..........You rock!


ETK said...

I am so. totally. jealous.

How effing cute!!! That IS some serious tape though.

YAY!!!!!!!!!! i just love his stuff! Sent a link to Baby to see if we could order something for the MIL and maybe he could have something little made for MOI! JEALOUS.

Great pictures (and that sure was a fast upload job!)

Yay Dad too!

tt said...

ETK: How did you know how fast the upload was???

tt said...

Oh...I mentioned you on Gary's blog as a favorite "blob" of mine :)

Farmer*swife said...

I was totally laughing out loud reading this and viewing your pics! [still gasping for air and typing between the happy tears] so happy for you!

Gosh, I hope mine arrives there too before you leave.....

Happy Hump -- diggity -- day!

tt said...

FW: I goofed and left out the final pic...ugh!! Just got it in I hope you see it. :) I hope I get your pkg too!!!!!!! You make my day just by posting though...I heart you awful!

Knight said...

Fantastic pics. I was cracking up.
Gary really is the best, sneaking in surprises and such.

Dianne said...

OMG I almost missed this!!

You posted too much at once and I got all distracted.

I love your goodies.

BUT what I really love is all these pics of YOU YOU YOU

I especially love how you stick your tongue out when concentrating. I do the same thing!!

And you look FABULOUS. All sophisticated and ready for Chicago.

that is a righteous cock you got there. and a ball rest to go with it! who is better than you? NO ONE!

CheekyMonkey said...

OHMYGOD, all of these pictures, especially the one with your tongue hangin out, concentrating and all, made me STUPID excited about tomorrow!!!!

tt said...

Knight: have I told you lately how sweet you are? :) Have a great weekend suga!

Dianne: YOU my dear friend...crack ME up!!! You and your cocks!!!!!! ** gigglesnorting here***
I know we have more than sticking our tongues out in common...I just know it!! Now...get busy and post some more pics of YOU!!! YOU!!! YOU!!! Pretty please :)
Ball rest??!!!!!! I'm blowing snot bubbles with that!!!
I love you something awful!!!!!!!

CM: I've got bats in my belly with excitement!! Here we come ready or not!!!!!!!!!!
Love you too!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wowsa! Isn't Gary the BEST?!?

Have fun in Chicago! (Pretend the plane is a roller coaster...that's how I get through it.)

tt said...

KC: He is the absolute bestest ever!! Good idea ...however...I don't like roller coasters either...I used to..untill I got older...that part sucks! I'm sticking to the adult beverage thing...7&7 hopefull will do the squeezing my bag pretending Dianne is in there. ha ha