Monday, August 20, 2007

Errrrr, is it me or what?

I get soo pissed off whenever I hear ppl say, "Well, at least he/she died doing what they loved most"......Seriously........WTF!!!!!
Nobody will ever be able to explain to me and have me agree WHY it's so great dying doing something you loved.......especially if the 'something' is the instrument of your death!!
' He loved to least he was flying when the plane crashed.'
' She loved to least she died doing something she loved.'
'He loved driving fast least he was happy when he died'


Here's how my death is going to go in my mind...'Well, you know how much she loved watching HGTV, at least she died doing something she loved soo much. Too bad the T.V. blew up and the glass blew her head off.'

Retarded thinking!
Quit it!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. so when some deranged former student comes in and blows my head off, remember, I died doing what I love?

Alli said...