Friday, August 24, 2007


I wonder if anyone reeeaallly thinks about the impact of having kids, has on ones life. We all know that infants are adorable...kind of like puppies and kittens. But, they do grow up and become dogs and, i mean teenagers and then onto adulthood. But the inbetween years...and even the adult years can be.....unforeseen. There is no way to know for sure how that dog/cat/kid will be in when he is older. No way. We can have hope that everything will be fine and dandy but we never know for sure untill.............when? Things can change on a dime. Without warning...or even with subtle warnings you can never be absolutely sure or confident that things will go " as planned" or be "normal". Life as you know it can, in an instant, be turned upside down, never to be the same again.

So, why then, do we( ppl) contunue to collect kids and puppies or kittens? Are we that niave' or that optomistic? Are we consumed with hope and so riddled with a Pollyanna syndrome that we can only see "the best life has to offer" in all our futures?

Even with warnings of "DANGER", we will proceed to do something if 'we' don't quite believe it. We think we can control the outcome. Well guess what? We can't. Period.

Sometimes all we can do is hope and pray.


Alli said...

Deep thoughts, tt!!

ETK said...

Hey now! We discussed this not too long ago, didn't we? Wasn't a lot of this part of the reason I dont' want kids (or puppies) and wasn't I lamenting about wishing we'd thought a little more about getting Mythos???? :)

What's going on though? Why you thinking about this again?

Anonymous said...

Wondering, like etk, what prompted this introspection?
I mean, clearly, I know what you are talking about!!!!!!!!!! oh boy.

Remember my thoughts on "hindsight." It's a killer.

tt said...

just ongoing ugliness......that's all I can manage to say about it right now.

Sunshine said...

Love you Ma xo

Alli said...

bummer, TT. :(