Monday, August 20, 2007

Just fix it already!!!!!!

Ok.......this hair experiment you've got going isn't working is it tt?
Ok, so do something about it!
Ok......easier said than done though.
True, but since you seem to be defined by your hair ( in your own mind) then the sooner the better!
  1. I've got to quit looking backwards to the elfing 90"s when big permed hair was in and find a short cut that I like.
  2. make a decision to get it cut.
  3. find a style that I like that isn't too labor intensive but is still cute
  4. find my "happy place"

There, that doesn't seem to be so hard...does it?

No, not really................the happy place may be difficult to find for a while tho... maybe, once the lid on the grape is in better shape I'll view myself in a better light. You know how friggin anal I am about my hair! I haven't been very successful in controling what goes into my body ( I evidently stress eat) or how freakin' big my body gets ( stress eating isn't good for body shapes) ...although my daily walks do seem to help my mood for a while.....It seems I should be able to gain some semblance of control over something within me. Shouldn't I ????

I sure hope I hear back from the Dr. this week. I'm thinking I probably am in desperate need of some estrogen or something...

I'm not me anymore. I miss me actually................

I was always the optomistic one. I viewed my glass as half full most times. I believed in the power of positive thinking. Where did that go?

I have been really upset this past week about my Dad. I'm starting to see 'mind' changes in him that I'm just not dealing with too well. I know it's a natural progression of things when ppl live this long but it's sooo hard to witness.

I need that friggin easy button!!!!!!!!!! Anyone have one I can borrow?????? I promise to give it back.....I can't say when though because my present job doesn't have a set expiration date.

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Tweb said...

I HATE when I wake up and realize I miss me. Seriously, I know what you're going through. It'll take some time and work, but you'll bet the old tt back!!! I think it helps to try to figure out what helped you get to this new tt... and then kick it's ass back into a closet, or shoebox, or whatever container you need to, in order to find that old tt hangin out there.