Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I can do some weird stuff!!

mama's got a new phone
Yep....I got it about a week ago. Actually I got a new one about a month ago when we signed up for a better plan. I was soooo excited about getting a new phone b/c my old one is about, oh....4 or 5 years old. There wasn't anything really wrong w/ it other than the battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than a day or so. ( too much trouble to get a new battery tt?) But it was old and I wanted a flip phone. How cool would that be I thought. I wouldn't have to lock the keys when I put it in my purse and then unlock it to use it. Plus...it was OLD...and it made me look a bit too challenged using it; like I wasn't 'in the know' about technology b/c I was using an old style. Anyway, I got a chocolate brown flip phone. I got Lovee a red one b/c that's his favorite color...plus the brown one would match Suzi-SU-V. Good reasoning yes?So, I'm learning how to use this one which is a challenge in itself b/c it's a Samsung and my old one was a Nokia, so everything is different. I like a challenge, don't get me wrong, but some challenges are harder than others; and technology is a challenge for me! Phew!!! Well, one day it just turned itself off. I tried to get it to work again and it wouldn't. So, off I go to the phone place and I say--

me- my phone quit working.

him--Let's take a look.

He gets my info and looks it up on the computer. He takes my phone and opens it up and says......

him--This has gotten wet.

me--It has? I don't know how...I didn't get it wet.

him-- well, look......it's all wet...that's why it isn't working.

He shows me the battery and it's all wet so he wipes it off and checks my Sim card which appears to be fine. I'm still mumbleing to myself about how the damn thing could have gotten wet....I didn't have it anywhere there was water I tell him. Could it be the heat I ask....doubtful he replies.He asks what I was doing when I noticed it wasn't working.

I say" well I had it when I was working outside in the yard...... and then...... later after I was cooling off.......I pulled it out of my br........ACK!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I had it stuffed inside my BRA!!!!!!! It got sweaty sittin in my bra ????!!! Then I realized I was saying all of this outloud!! to the phone guy.!! Geezzzz.... could I be more ridiculous???So he graciously wiped everything off and put it back together and viola'...it worked. I stammered several 'thank you's' and took my red face outta there!Well.............evidently the sweat did hurt the phone afterall. B/c it kept turning itself off.So I took my Dad and went up there a few days ago to get us another phone. I decided to get a Nokia this time. It's not a flip but I thought it would work better.Well, I've been using that phone for about a week now and i HATE it! There's no volume control on the lousy thing. speaker , but no volume adjuster. It's going back... today I hope...Issues.....so many issues w/ phones I have. So, just a warning ladies. Don't store your phone in your bra, even if it does fit nicely and allows you to carry it around w/o actually holding on to it. The vibrateing feature actually feels pretty good..........but just say NO!


Alli said...

OMG!! I was laughing so hard.

TT, you are so funny!!!!

Tweb said...

THIS was the perfect post for me this morning, and now everyone wants to know what's so funny! Just so you know, when you get a phone wet, even if you dry it off, chances are pretty good it's damaged for good. :(

Get yourself another flip and keep the dang thing out of yer bewbies!! Good god you are funny!

Anonymous said...

careful use of that vibration feture is advised also.