Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Grand-youngins'

this is 3-Pete lookin' all "cool"

This is Savanna lookin' all 'Glam' ..she had sequins on her bikini!! Cha-cha-cha!!

And of course Lovee w/ Tyler in a head lock...he loved that....3-Pete and Savanna!!

We had a fabulous time!! The storm rolled in of course because we made plans. That's ok though I'm not complaining. We needed the rain reaaaallll bad. We did a bunch of swimming then went to Mc D's then the Wal~mart cuz S had some Birthday $$ that was burning a hole in her pocket. Then to another local farm store where Lovee gets his special 'candy'( peanut butter logs) then to a fabulous play park buy our house. They played so hard they were almost sick. S said the "twisted thingie" made her want to barf! :) Then back to the house for MORE swimming. Lordie I was pooped. PHEW!!!


Tweb said...

Good lookin grand babies you have there TT!!!

Alli said...

They are growing up too fast, huh!

They sure are cute.