Monday, August 13, 2007

Go Tiger!!!!!

Did ya'll watch the PGA this weekend?? It was in Tulsa!! Woo-hoo!!
Too freaking hot for me though and alot of other ppl. Lots were taken to the Emergency rooms because of the heat. 110 in tthe shade is just wrong.
I 'volunteered' for the LPGA a few years ago when it was held at my parents Country Club. Lots of fun that was! I was a Marshall on the #1 green. Great fun watching Anika and the others. I don't golf anymore but I really like watching the game. Did you know it cost to "volunteer" on one of those things? sheesh! I'd do it again if I knew it wouldn't be soo elfing hot.

Gota go take my Dad to the Dr. now. I finally went this morning and had some blood work done. Maybe I'll get me some hormone pills to 'lighten' my load??
We'll see.
Squeezers to all!!


Anonymous said...

hope you had a good weekend, this is the website i was talking about...... awesome

Anonymous said...

Methinkst I missed the period in your life when you golfed?!?!?!?! It must have been when I was touring Europe...
and, who is this imposter anonymous?

tt said...

Not sure.....I think it's a spam thing.

Uh...Europe??? Methinkst I missed that period in YOUR life. :)