Monday, August 20, 2007

Lottery tickets

After talking about 2 hours about the Lottery my parents asked me to buy them tickets. My Mom wanted 2 plus the power play so she gave me $4.00. My Dad, however had to make it difficult...not sure why he came up w/ this deal but he did. He gave me $5.00 and wanted 2 1/2 tickets. Huhhh? I said. " buy me 2 tickets w/ the power play and then another ticket w/ the power play but I'm only going to pay $1.00 for that one; you put in the other dollar and if it wins I'll split it w/ you. Follow me?" he says...."I'll give you $5.00 and you have to put in $1.00...follow me?"
uh, yes I follow you.....but why don't you just give me another dollar or just give me $4.00 and I'll just buy you 2 tickets..........
" Coz i want 3 tickets"
Ok................I give up...........done. Mom says I'd better hope she wins cuz she shares!

We didn't win.:(

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