Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It over....

Christmas was fun and everyone got alot of nifty stuff. But, I'm glad it's over. Why do we get so excited, every year, about Christmas getting here and then...we can't wait until it's over? I think it's almost like childbirth! You wait and wait, getting excited about the 'present' you're going to get and then ....'s here and all you want is for it to be over!!! You love the 'gift' that was given but glad all the hub-bub is over. We're rotten.
Anywho....I forgot the camera when Lovee and I went to the candlelight service. SFD!!!
He looked sooooo scrumptious in his sport coat and all........The 'Units' looked fab too. Daddy even wore his Christmas vest. I really wanted a pic of that. Plus...yesterday I forgot the camera too! Badd tt, bad!!!!!!! I'm grounded!
We were absolutely worn smooth out last night when we got home from the Units. Dad's dreamed up another projuct for Lovee. Geezzzzz. Now he wants Lovee to go through the attic, show him what all is up there and then throw the junk in Lovee's truck and haul it off the the dump. WHY?? Cuz he wants to. I'm sure he's thinking it's better to do it now and not save it until they're 'gone'...but's not necessary. It would be a lot easier on Lovee if he'd wait until spring but when Dad's got something in that grape of stays and he obsesses over it. It's gotta be squished very soon.
He called me last night about 7 asking me if all the lights would be gone from the stores by the time I left my house this morning. I assured him there would still be some and I'd go to the Wal~mart before I went to there house this morning and see if I could get some 'colored-twinkle lights'....100 feet!!! He relaxed then. Of course we've only talked about it every day for about a month! Lord help me if I don't find them today. He'll talk incessantly about how I should have gotten there earlier...Let us pray again!!!!!! ;)
So, no Christmas pics...well, actually Lovee got a couple with his new camera that Baby boy got us....but there was no memory stick so............SFD, again!
Our California youngin...Squiddly and his lovely sent us a calender with different pics of all of them! I love that! We don't get to see them very fact it's been years!! So pics are the thing to get. This spring we'll get to see them though. Squiddly's going to the FBI National Academy and will stop in on his way. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those will be some good pics there I'll tell ya!!

So, I gotta get busy so I can get to the Wal~Mart.
Wish me luck!


Alli said...


Good luck at Wally World today. EEK! Shopping on the day after Christmas scares me....tooooo many peoples. I think Pups is going to brave the stores.


Tweb said...

Hmmm... Walmart... today.. oh deary you have some serious patience. Good luck with that!

ETK said...

Wow, you ARE crazy. :) Love you anyway though.