Monday, December 3, 2007

It's official....

I have proof that I'm getting older.
The gal at the bread store asked me today ( after I had given her a check) for a work phone number " or are you retired?" I said retired to save the hassle.
It cracked me up!!!! The first thing I did when I got back in the car was look in the mirror. you're showing some age ol' gal.......... ha ha ha ha.
I'm lovin' it!

It beats the Hell out of the alternative ;)


Alli said...

I wouldn't ask you if you were retired. That's silly. You don't even look close to retirement age!

I hate it when people call me Ma'am!!!! It makes me feel old. :)

ETK said...

You need to go bitch slap that blind whore. :)

tt said...

You're both right on!!!!
I've always hated that Ma'am thing too1 I was called that when I was in my 20's!! Of course it was by baby Marines...but I still hated it and still do!
The funny thing is she looked older than me...LOL...I think the laughs on her..