Thursday, December 27, 2007

Second childhood?????

Mom thinks my Dad is going through his second childhood. I'm not so sure he ever left the first one. :)
He's always loved talking toys. Over the years Sisterlittle and I as well as other ppl have given him some type of animated toys. He laughs and shows them to everyone. Anyway, yesterday he wanted to go to K~Mart while the Mom was getting her nails done. There was an ad he had saved that was only good through Christmas eve but he wanted to see if maybe there were still a few toys left.( how cute!) Mainly a certain remote control car!! Cracked me up. We checked but the one in the ad had been 50% off and I told them they were probably scarfed up. So, he told me to find some others. I did and pointed them all out and told them what they were and most importantly( to him), how much they cost. The most expensive one was $33.oo. He winced at that but it had batteries included.....something he likes. Well, he settled on one that was $15.99 but we had to get batteries. After he found out how much batteries cost he decided he wanted to go back and look at them again. we went to look..........again. It was as if we'd never been there before. I had to start all over again telling him what was there and the cost. He finally decided on a Toyota FJ- blue and white ( sorry ETK no silver) batteries included! :)
He was acting like a kid. " think we can play with this when we get home?" " Will we need to get Lovee to put it together?" "What do you think your Mother will say?" " well, I haven't bought anything foolish in a long time so I think it's ok".
I put it all together when we got home and there was enough of a charge on the battery that he got to take it for a spin. You should have seen him concentrating on operating it...priceless. He got a biggly smile on his face and started was a good moment.
I'll take my camera w/ me so maybe I can get some pics of him today when we're outside playing together.


ETK said...

that is soooo cute! I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Alli said...

Yes, we need pics!