Sunday, December 30, 2007

More pics....

So, here we have a couple of my urchins along with their....uh....significant others.
Sunshine and Punky and H and baby Boy. They're wearing their new T-shirts from Santa. The one H has on looks just like one of their wolves, Celine. Baby Boy has on one that looks like their other one, Gabriel....or however you spell get the drift I'm sure. Sunshine has a cat and Punky has a bear.
This is an actual pic of Gabe...the wolf. Isn't he absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous?
More as I get them...........


ETK said...

Great pictures of the kiddos (but where are you and lovee?!?!?!) and Gabe is GORGEOUS!!!

Sunshine said... Where are you and Dad? I don't recall taking any pictures of the two of you. Well.... unless you could the one of you both in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. Maybe I should post that one on my blog for all to see. Yup - it's done :)

Alli said...

WOW Gabriel is so beautiful!
And so are your urchins. ;)