Monday, December 3, 2007

Sisterlittle's got a new gig.........

My title for the work I do for the folks is " Beck and Call Girl " right?

Well, Sisterlittle came up with her own title for when she will be're gonna love this...


I laughed so hard I almost had to break out my squirt! The Mom already has projects lined up for when her new 'BSS' gets here. She wants new drapes in the kitchen and her slipper chair recovered. That's all...uh, ...right. Sisterlittle is an amazing seamstress, upholsterer,interior designer extraordinaire!! Very accomplished if I do say so myself. She made the drapes for our house when we first moved in and she just finished the 'Monkey' valences for my kitchen and living room. (The drapes had to taste changed ya know)
Anyway, she recovered a chair ...maybe 2, I forget, for Mom a few years ago. But Mom had a huge table in her sewing room to lay out fabric. It's gone now so I'm not sure where the Mom thinks her ner BSS will put the fabric to cut it. I think I may have talked her into doing just valances......we'll see. And that slipper chair only needs new padding in the seat. So maybe I can talk her into just having a new cushion put on top of it...sorta like a pillow top on a mattress.
We'll see. She's supposed to do this while doing the chores I usually do and work on papers for her Masters!! She is a very talented woman but there are limits.............Not to the Mom!!!
Geesh....I love my BSS Sisterlittle.
You're too special Sis!
Mwahhhhhhh xoxo

Now hurry up and get your BSS-Boney-Ass out here!


Tweb said...

BSS... I love it!!!

Alli said...


I agree, BSS is awesome!!

ETK said...

Haha!! Oh yeah, I also wanted to say I LOVE YOU! :) just 'cause.

R.E.H. said...

Bitch-Slappin'-Slave... ;)

I always end up having to do a lot of work in the house when I go see my mom... does that make me a BSS?

Thanks for visiting.

tt said...