Saturday, December 1, 2007

Where do I start????

Geesh, both parents are sick! Isn't that against the rules? Mom started it ..of course...she got a cold then gave it to Dad. That man has had about all he can handle. His shingles are clearing up nicely and the ones in his eye are gone but now he's got another eye infection in the same eye!! He will sit in his chair with his eyes closed and talk to us and every now and then he'll flutter them open to look around and then closes them again. They're super light sensitive. It's literally breaking my heart to see him like this. He's so tired of feeling bad and I really think it's getting to him. I had to take them to a funeral today. That's rough let me tell ya!! Their friends are dropping like flies Dad said. makes me snif just thinking about it..
The Mom made me mad today. Fact I can't even talk about it right now. She, for some reason, feels the need to state the obvious which invariably comes out...just plain RUDE!!! And 9 times out of 10 never needed to be said anyway. Why the F**K does she do this?? UGHHHHH!

I had 2 ppl at the funeral today come up to me and say "Boy, you've got your hands full with these two don't you?!" Each time Mom would say" she's our caregiver; I raised her right".
Well, the second time she said that I looked at the person and said, with a big ol' cheesy grin," I think I turned out ok inspite of her what do you think?"....
Shame on me but it felt good.
Mom didn't catch it.
I'm tired.......
I'll sort through my thoughts and try to post tomorrow.

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