Friday, November 21, 2008

a little ditty..........

My blobbie friend Jay, had this on his blog and I thought it was interesting. I really didn't have any great answers for him...which made me think even more about it. So............. If you'd like, you can answer these questions and I'll mull them over while I'm on hiatus from this blob.

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. Something I have and YOU want?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do you know me?
11. How do you see me in the future?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!
I'm loving that thought right now.
Let;s make it count for something.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick post...

As of Wednesday...I'm a Great Grammy!!!!
Lovee and i went to see the gorgeous wee little 6lb. 8oz, 19" little girl last night. I'm so in love.
naturally I forgot my camera! I'll get pics later.
The parents are my grandson by #1 son's ex wife firstborn and his fiance'.
I keep people ya know.
I love deeply.
kids aren't usually at fault so I keep them all and collect more......

I know you all get that about me...right?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hugs and loves to all..... :)

I've been thinking....again. I do that from time to time....sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. funny is that. Not much really.
I've decided to give this blog a break for a while.
Now, before you get all over me like a bad if I'm all important and stuff....let me just say that I'll still read my favorite blogs, b/c I find myself wondering about all of you....really...i think about all of you all the time...
But............I've been struggling lately...really struggling, about what I'm gonna blog about. That is too much stress for me. It shouldn't feel like I have a deadline....or a job that gives me too much stress... but it does. Sometimes....
I know, write whatever you want....whenever you judgements....I know the drill.
I just need a break. My grape needs the break. My home need the break.
I may post something in a week...a couple weeks...maybe tomorrow...I don't know. Maybe in a month. I'll just wait and see.
If something life changing happens, I'll be on here like white on rice....because I do think that some of my blobbies are seriously interested in my grape squishers and life...
but untill then.........
I'll be reading you.......
Hugs and loves.......


Monday, November 10, 2008

Happiness lesson????....

The Princess over at Fairy tales wants me to do a Happiness lesson.
Not sure how to go about that actually.
Happiness comes from deep within I think. Sometimes it's hard to find it. Sometimes it takes every ounce of strength we can find to eek out a wee little bit of it.'s essential to a good life to do so I believe.
I'm generally an optomist, so I usually go the route of this...

My face is showing wrinkles...**at least it's not burned or deformed from some horrific disease.**
My head hurts..**at least I know it'll pass and it's not a tumor that's inoperable.**
My back is realllly hurting...** at least I'm not in a wheelchair and I can still function on my own two feet. **

It could always be worse.....possibly.

Find the rainbow....find some shiney stuff in your pockets or that lovely yellow purse....or look at that perfect sunset...or smell your Lovee's neck...or look at the stars and wonder at the heavens..

It's all around us. We just have to open our eyes and hearts to the possibilities of 'awe' and 'wonderment'.

Its out there and it's free for the taking.
I'm gonna go grab me a handful and wash my face with it....then blow the rest to the winds. Maybe it'll land on some unsuspecting person who needs it and just can't seem to find it.

Yea.....I'm ok....
Brain is properly squished; I can hear Lovee in the garage working on his latest project: Mom's feeling much better; Dad is calm now;
uh-O....the dryer squawked...........
later ...]

More grape squishers + incoherant thoughts..

I am a lover of words. Which causes me distress at times. I can sometimes write what I'm feeling but rarely can I verbalize it. When I write my feelings, I'm often at a loss for the correct word I'm needing to convey my thoughts so I can be completely understood. And of course, there are the times when I want to 'tell' someone what's in my grape at that moment and the words are there, but my tear ducts engage and I get that dreaded throat lump and all I can do is....cry. So the moment is gone, in a mess of tears, and I leave whomever I was wanting to talk to with a puzzled look on their face and wondering what's wrong with TT.
So, I get all these jumbled up thoughts running around my grape, reeking havoc in the 'storage rooms' I've created, wondering how I'm going to tell people what's going on in there while not being able to verbalize it and melting into a messy puddle if I try and say it out loud.
I read a story in the October issue of 'O' magazine that touched me deep to my core. I started to tell Lovee about it...but i couldn't. Those damn tear ducts and the throat lump showed up. I found the article on the authors blog and saved it to my Favs. She writes of the big 'C' and it's effects on her and her family; her little girls and a birthday party that MUST uplifting actually. But it was the way she wrote it all that touched me. She's a lover of words too I think. It's almost like she can say......2+2=4 but when I do it...2+2=41/2. Silly analogy but it works for me.
Anyway, if anyone feels like reading the story you can find it right here.
The Mom had a procedure Thursday. Shots in her spine to help with her pain. UGH! She did very well, but they decided to change her meds again. I'm thinking that wasn't a good plan considering she's been feeling like road kill ever since. I felt awful not being able to do something to ease her pain and feeling of unwellness. AWFUL! I'm their security blanket they say; I'm their 'go-to-girl they say; I'm their beck and call girl; I'm......feeling like I've failed. I know I haven't. I didn't change her meds. I'm not a miracle worker. I'm just their daughter, but they look to me with such hope and security. Breaks my heart.
I did something I probably shouldn't have done. I'll admit to it and own it. Completely. I took her new meds and put them away and put her back on the old ones. All this before I can even consult her Doctor.
I called her a few minutes ago to tell her I've left a message on the Nurse line at the Dr.s office and she told me she's feeling better. The old meds are back and she's better. I'm thinking Alleluia.....but at the same time, second guessing myself. I'm a mess. Second guessing is what I do best.
More on this later.
Sisterlittle is going through a tough time now. My heart is so heavy for her I wonder how I'm able to carry it around. So she's in my thoughts every hour of the day. I love her awful!
That's it for now.
Grape is squished a bit ...made room for other nonsencical stuff.....and that's a good thing.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I've been challenged....

The princess over at Real Life Fairy Tales gave a challenge. I'm up for it I think. Possibly...maybe....fairly sure...................

here it is:
You assignment is to list the following: a) 5 Things I'm Grateful I'm NOT... b) 5 Things I'm Thankful I Am... c) 5 Things I Will Do To Make Someone Else Happy This Week... and most importantly d) 5 Things I Will Do To Make ME Happy This Week!!

a. I'm grateful I'm not:...broke,sick,dead,unhappy,mean
b. I'm thankful I'm:...healthy, married to my Lovee, have so many urchins, can care for my parentals, I've got blobbie friends
c. I will make someone else happy this week by: showing them love, compassion, smiling,-giving hugs and smooches, cooking, lending an ear or a shoulder
d. to make me happy: view my glass as completely full, spend time with my Lovee, spend time reading my friends...aka. Blobbies...,watch HGTV, talk with my Sisterlittle.

My answers sound very simplistic, but I'm basically a simple gal. I can get real mouthy if need be, but usually, I'm laid back and simple. I don't require much.
but I do need to remind myself every now and then that :

'it's all good'....
'it could be worse'..
'I'm loved'...

Don't we all? Every one's lives get so busy and we hustle about and get caught up in all the hubbub of everyday inconsequential things.
And so it goes.....

Enjoy your weekend my friends.


I have a favor of my blobbies. If it's not too much trouble..please go over to ETK's blog and read about Prop 8. It was on the California's ballots.
Such a great post.......
I urge everyone to read the letter she posted by Jennifer Donnelly in the Washington Post.
I have no words to express the effect it had on me.

It's just love..........what could possibly be wrong with love?
So touching.

Thanks ETK for posting it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I screwed up.....only a wee bit though ;)

Ok...just for the record....I must 'out' myself.

I spoiled my Mom's ballot! I've never screwed up a ballot...ever! But I connected a 'yes and no' on the same issue and the machine went off and everyone...litterally, everyone, turned and stared at me! Geesh..........
I had to sign in to be an 'aide' to my folks. Never done that before. Interesting. Dad insisted on marking his all by himself. Yep...he did it. He was so proud of himself. :) No screw up for him....the blind guy did better than his 'seeingeyedbeckandcallgirl'. G figure.
I was given another ballot for Mom and did it correctly the second time....crouching on the floor is NOT a good stance to be in while voting. They took us to the side where the parentals could sit...only 2 chairs there so I crouched. Hummm......

They only had a 25 minute wait which we were happy for. We went about11:00 and they were about the 500th voters. Great turnout.
Of course, Oklahoma is a RED McCain took us......but I'm very pleased with the outcome. It'll be interesting to hear what the Dad 'loops' today. He's certian that 'Obonga" won't do well b/c of his lack of experience....yada,yada,yada..........I'll be trying to change the subject all day I'm sure. It wears me out sometimes. Seriously.
Gotta love 'em though. No apathy there. :)

I was 12 again yesterday. I don't like it when that happens. The Mom gets all controlling at times. I understand it, but I don't like it. She feels very secure when she knows I'm in the same room as her. I need to tell her when I'm going to the bathroom now. Seriously. I was in the 'necessary room' , upstairs,when I heard her holler, "TT, are you up there?" I said yes. " what are you doing?"...I told her I was going 'pottie'.... can you believe this conversation is going on?? WTF "OH", she said, "I didn't know where you were. "

Like I've said life is full. Sometimes, the fun never ends. lol
I'm blessed, this I know.....but sometimes...................................ugh.

Happy Humpie day. Should be interesting.....the sun is out with a storm coming in. My kind of day.
I hope I see a rainbow..........they make me smile.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not your typical Tuesday!! :)

Just got back from our polling station. Took me, oh, maybe 5 minutes. Seriously! There was a fairly substantial line coming out of the door when I got there. But, someone came out and announced that there was an additional line for A - L . ....and that there was actually NO LINE!!
Well, being the Queen of the alphabet that I am...after I sang the elfing song!!!...I went to the head of my line, got checked in...and did my thing. Viola!! I'm done!!

How exhilarating it was too. I was kicking myself in the arse a few days ago for not voting early...but obviously I didn't have a issue. I put on my sticker...came home and here I am. Ready for my day to begin.....and I still have time to do a quick post before heading to the parentals. That, my blobbies means it's gonna be a great day.

Nothing really new to report. That may change once I get home from my 'job'. Taking the parentals to the polls and marking their ballots should be fun. I printed out the ballots and had them enlarged so Dad could read everything and we could decide ahead of time how to mark the issues. Got Mom's done, but Dad is taking his sweet time deciding on the state issues. Should be interesting to say the least.

So, have a great day blobbies........get out there and make it count, however you vote.