Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dog gone........

did I mention we had to find new homes for my wee Chihuahua's? sucks!!
Number 3 son and his girlfriend took them for a while but eventually had to find new homes for them. I guess having 6 wolves and 3 dogs PLUS our 2 was a wee bit much. No worries though. Pebbles is being treated like the princess she knows she is and Panda is ruling her new house. They actually live next door to each other and can run the fence together. That makes me smile.

When we moved the parentals in with us we really didn't have a choice. Both of them are blind. The thought of one or both of them tripping over a dog makes me shiver... and with my Dad's Diabetes he bleeds so easily that the smallest scratch is like a rushing river. Panda just loves everyone and always greeted Dad with paw which always made him bleed.
shitfuckhelldamn :(
The new mommies say I can visit but I think it's best that I don't. For one that dreaded throat lump would appear and two....I wouldn't want to stir up old feelings in them or make them think I was bringing them home.

The grape's not to squishy lately... and now a days when I'm doing my paint and spackle routine I'm usually so rushed that nothing is getting reshuffled up in the grape house.
Which reminds me...
i probably need to do a wee bit of rearranging up there...

Later maters...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm reallly curious.....

about relationships...with friends...that's what I'm squeezing the grapes about today....

Here's a few posers for anyone who may like to give me some input.

1. Do you 'expect' your good or best friends to- call you?

I do. Emails are fine for quick questions or little miss yous or thinking of you things...but nothing replaces a phone call. Well, except the next item.....

2. Do you 'expect' your good or best friends to- visit you if they live fairly close?

I do. In TT's world :) friends don't need an invitation. The door is always open. Especially these days or actually the last few years when I've been so limited because of my care giver duties. I know people get busy and everyday life gets in the way, but how hard is it to carve out some time for a 'friend'?

3. Do you 'expect' your good or best friends to- invite you to their home?

I do. Why not? If you can't go for some reason plan another time. How hard is that?

4. do you 'expect' your good or best friends to- include you in fun things you both enjoy?

I do. If you share the same genre of activities why not include each other?

5. Do you 'expect' your good or best friends to be up to date on your goings on?

I do. Especially best friends. Should you have to do all the 'telling' or do you expect them to ask for information. I think friends should be interested in most aspects of your life....otherwise why would you consider them a friend.

6. Do you 'expect' your good or best friends to tell you how it is or sugar coat it?

I personally think women tend to sugar coat things so as not to hurt feelings. But at the same time I think it's wrong. Because if you aren't straight forward enough things can get misconstrued and all twisted up and resentment can build. It's the old " i can't tell him/her what I really think about this because I may loose a friend" Well.......if you loose the friend because you were honest about your feelings then what did you really loose? Honesty doesn't have to be mean spirited.

I know most of these questions may seem childish or boring, but have you ever really thought of what you expect out of a friendship?

I know it takes time to build a true relationship with someone. A friend is different than an acquaintance obviously. A true, life long friend is rare I think. I mean couples marry because they're in love....people become friends because of commonalities....but,down the road when one or both of them change....there's a split.


that's it for now....I'm through squeezing the grapes for today.

(I still hate that damn TT thingie!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

in case anyone wonders.....

The parental units are living with Lovee and I as of the 19 of September!!! happened. they both took a fall...he actually fell on her! One of his dizzy spells got him and she tried to help. didn't work out too well. She bruised her whole right side, bruised up her ribs real bad, broke her foot and a toe. We thought he escaped injury...but no. His back went waaayyyy south.
He ended up in the hospital because of the pain and basically went down hill from there. I HATE hospitals!! I understand their function but geeze!!!........... he was left to lay in his own waste for hours at a time!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr.......

So now he's home....more tests to try and determine what if anything can be done for his back. His Dementia is worse. it collides with this world and gets him all confused. Mom, bless her heart, just sits by his bedside and watches over him all day!!! it's awful...
I go check on him and watch to see if the covers are moving or if I can hear him breathing. I have to do everything for him these days. Feed him when he'll eat...bathe him...change his diapers....get him up....get him name it...Lovee and I do it for him. The baths and diapers are the hardest thing..........not hard to do exactly, it's just that I never...EVER...thought about having to do such personal things for my Daddy! it's hard. very hard. I'm thinking it won't be long before Hospice shows up. :(
Lovee.......he's still my rock. Actually he's my mountain. Could I do this without him?? Absolutely not! No way.
There's quite a bit more but that's it for now. It hurts my head rethinking it all.

Oh, I did find out what happens if I run out of my happy's not pretty. It's actually quite frightening. Lovee saved me though and got them to me. Never again will I run out. NEVER!!

Duties beckon........