Thursday, March 25, 2010 it is...March 25 1977. :) it's march 25, 2010. It's babyboy's birthday so I've been going back and forth in time today. Did I ever dream that on his 33rd birthday I'd be living in Okla-f-ing-homa and taking care of the rents in MY home?? hell no!! haha
Life***** it's what happens when you're not looking.

Since being on my meds, I don't feel the need to rant and rave about all the goings on in my life. Interesting. I mainly just get on Facebook these days for a quick-down-and-dirty look at my friends and see what's going on. Quick being the operative word. Time is a precious commodity to me.
The rents are still kicking if you're curious. Dad gets wonkier by the day and the Mom...well, she still manages to piss me off at least once a week. Which is better than it used to be. I think she's now afraid to piss me off because if I can't care for's the dreaded Nursing Home!!
Couldn't do that to the Dad...he's too precious.

That's it. that's all I got.
Maybe something exciting will happen in my life that I'll be able to share. But...doubtful

Hugs and aqueezers to any who read this!!!!